Acrylic Bathtub replacement

AccipioAugust 13, 2013

We have an acrylic tub surround (tub + 3 sides all one unit) in olive (the 'new' avocado) and I want it gone! As this is a guest bathroom downstairs used infrequently I need a budget solution. The tub gets the most use in the winter when we fill it with water in anticipation of a snow storm! Since we remodeled our master bath all our friends and even the grand kids prefer it for their showers. Still, I think it's good to have one tub in the house.

I have no idea when this olive tub was installed (pre 80's?) and, although it is in great is olive, as are the toilet and sink. The only way to convince DH to go ahead with the remodel is to seek out budget friendly options.

The only things I am keeping are the vanity base which will be stripped and stained dark and the mirror which will be sealed and framed.

I hope to replace the vanity top with a one-piece sink/counter. I will get a low-flow toilet, possibly linoleum tiles for the floor, new paint, new vanity light, new plumbing fixtures and....a new tub.

I gained so much helpful information from this forum during our master bath remodel and I am hoping you will again share your opinions.

We have a 60" alcove-style tub with no real design ideas. What are my budget options keeping in mind the cost of removing the acrylic tub and prepping for a new one? I want a simple white tub and will use good fixtures to upgrade the whole aesthetic. I haven't decided whether to use glass doors or a shower curtain. Both have pro's and con's. Tub + tile walls is on my wish list.

Thoughts are very much appreciated.

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