Refridgerator & Freezer Rrecommendation Help

Cowtown_ABAugust 6, 2012

Okay - first post, so here we go.

Doing a kitchen remodel and I am looking for help on what refrigerator & feezer to buy. The situation is as follows:

- Right now I have two 36" built in Sub-Zeros that are 35+ years old

- Because of the new configuration, I am looking at getting 30" for the Fridge and 30" for the Freezer and then to make-up for the loss of space i am going to get a combination drawer fridge/freezer


1. Fridge and Freezer - any recommendations, yes i know i could get the Sub-Zeros again, but just looking for somehting different?

2. Drawer fridge/freezer - only can really find a Sub-Zero for this

thanks in advance for the help.

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