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ppbennJuly 17, 2013

Saw this fridge at HD tonight. New model according to Samsung's website.
French door with four doors. Lower right doubles as extra fridge space as it has different temp settings. I thought this could be handy.
The doors have slots for handles, nothing sticks out and the case is 31 inches deep. The front bows to the middle but seems to save a couple inches by not having handles stick out.
Inside seems well thought out for storage. Ice maker makes ten pounds of ice daily.
So what do you all think? How does it look to you?
So who has a Samsung that they like?

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from, Model #: RF32FMQDBSR
32 cu. ft.

Use and care manual is here:

The manual indicates this one is 35.75" wide and deep.

Price = $4k

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This is the fridge I'm planning to put in my new kitchen. The builder is adding depth to the cabinetry and recessing the fridge a bit to give it the illusion of counter depth.

The draw for me is the total capacity and the right hand side bottom section operating as a fridge rather than a freezer. I had wanted a full fridge but couldn't find what I was looking for. This Samsung seems to fit well enough.

I'm a bit hesitant to commit to something that lacks consumer reviews.

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I saw this at HD a few weeks ago. It looked interesting, but didn't like the 2 doors on the bottom, as its not as easy to get to as a slide-out French Door freezer bottom. Also, most reviews of the unit aren't that great.

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deeageaux has it for $3059.

Most of the reviews I have seen have been positive.

The negative reviews are almost all about the lower portion having a divider that takes up room and can't fit larger items. No s^$% Sherlock, you can see that from the basic pictures and general concept since the lower half has two cooling compartments.

One guy does not like the inverted handles, again another duh moment. Within the first minute you can see Samsung chose high style over function with those handles. That is the target audience. Don't like don't buy.

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I hear the words 'french doors' and run away quickly! My wife and I both prefer side by side. We are currently renting a home while our new house is being built (less than two months left!) and it has a french door with freezer on the bottom. I curse every time I need something from the freezer.

We are putting the Samsung RSG309AARS in the new home and are very excited to access the freezer while standing up!

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It looks like a side by side, except the doors are split horizontally.

I like it, but can't spend that kind of money on a fridge. And 36" deep is too deep for me.

I esp like not having handles. Handles seem unnecessary to me and jut out in the way.

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I notice that the KA french door nearly always has water droplets on the panel that sits between the french doors. The water drips down and lands on the freezer door. If the same thing happens on this samsung, won't water droplets also form on the center panel of the freezer door? Where will it drip to? The floor?

While I like the look of a FD, I am finding that I am not so crazy about its functionality.

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