Laticrete Hydro-Ban Presloped Shower Pan

linda2007August 24, 2012

Has anyone used the Laticrete Hydro-Ban Presloped Shower Pan. If you have used one, are you happy with the results? Please let me know. Thanks

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The whole system is excellent. It's basically the same thing as the Kerdi system, with one important difference-- no seams or overlap in the membrane (meaning no build up in layers of membrane at corners, or chance for leakage at the seams). It's no secret that I'm a huge advocate for Laticrete, but it's for a reason. Their products are top notch.

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Thanks Bill for thumbs up. I read a lot about the Kerdi system here, but nothing on Laticrete hydro ban presloped showers pans, niches or the seats. It makes me feel a lot better knowing someone like you thinks the system is excellent, because we had already decided to go with it.

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It makes me feel a lot better knowing someone like you thinks the system is excellent

Let me put it this way-- with one exception, every shower I've installed in the last two years has been installed with the Hydroban system. The biggest plus is that if I use the proper Laticrete materials, I can offer my customers a 25 year MANUFACTURER BACKED warranty. What that means is that even though I'm (about to turn) 55, if that shower fails 20 years from now, Laticrete will back the shower system, even if they have to get someone else in there to fix it. That's how good this system is. One other thing to remember-- I've been using their products literally for decades. In that time, I've had occasion to need them to stand behind thir products. No questions asked, once it was determined that it was the product. Labor to demo, labor and materials (inclluding tile) to re-install-- all covered. That's why I stand behind these people. ALL companies have problems from time to time. No one's perfect. But I've never, from any other company, had the kind of customer service I get from them. I have no doubt they'd really stand behind this if it were needed.

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