Buying Bluestar on the internet

ellinkJuly 1, 2012

If you buy a Bluestar on the Internet, how do you get it hooked up?

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Same way as if you buy it at a store. You hook it up yourself, or you hire someone to do it. Look under "appliance parts/repair" or ask your local store who they recommend.

Even stores that deliver and hook up an appliance such as a range do not hire plumbers or electricians. They assume that the kitchen is ready, and they merely unpack it, run a flex hose from the gas outlet to the back of the range and plug it in. They might, after removing all the protective tape and plastic, turn it on and check that the burners light. If you're really lucky they might adjust them if it's needed.

The proper size flex line can be bought at most hardware stores with the fittings included.

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Hooking up a gas range is not rocket science.

If you don't know absolutely anything you can take the BS install instructions and old gas connector behind the old gas range to your local Home Depot and go to the plumbing section where they have water heaters.

Any semi-competant plumbing section employee can hook you up with gas connector and liquid plumbers tape you need.

And plug in the electrical cord from range to outlet.

If you are anti-DYI and have zero trust in your DYI skills call a plumber to do the install.

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I think Bluestar needs to be connected by someone certified. You can't do it yourself.

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Check to see who the Blue Star sales manager is for your region. They may be able to assist in this process if you contact them.

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Of course you can do it yourself. Many people do such things for themselves all the time - just as many people go to Home Depot and buy a water heater and install it themselves, or buy a gas dryer and bring it home and install it.

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You can do it yourself if you don't mind invalidating the warranty : )

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Do I need to have my range professionally installed?

Yes, it is highly recommended that a qualified technician install your BlueStar product AND complete the Manufacturer's Performance Checklist included in the manual. For a list of qualified technicians in your area, please contact your BlueStar dealer.


Nonsense. It is not required. Most state laws prohibit manufacutures from madating factory installation or service to validate standard warranty. They can give incentives in the form of an extended warranty.

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