HP Printer won't cancel document

dahlia6April 9, 2014

I like my HP printer but for some reason it will not cancel a document labeled as "PICASA 71.9MB/71 PORT USB001
Or is this a large file and it is taking lots of time to cancel?
Any help will be appreciated.

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If you use a Windows PC, you should be able to access a print queue or jobs list starting with Devices and Printers from the Start menu or in Control Panel.

When you open that, double click on the icon that represents your printer and you should see that particular print job listed where you can select and then delete it.

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That is what I do and the above is what is listed. I click CANCEL ALL DOCUMENTS and the window says it is deleting but it never is completed.
Is 71.9 MB a large file? Since it is coming from Picasa I am afraid a picture file may have been accidently put in my HP QUEUE.

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I'd say that 71.9 MB is a HUGE file to print for most home systems. I'd choose cancel and then go watch a movie to give it time.

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I'd turn off the printer and reboot the computer ...but that's just me.

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I agree with azinoh as that is what I have done when "cancel" will not clear it.

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Thanks.Yes that worked!

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