Recessed or raised jets on whirlpool (and/or do you hate your tub

adh673August 22, 2014

I am trying to pick a whirlpool and it's pretty evident that I won't be able to try it out first. I sat in one (aquatic) that had recessed jets and as a dry tub, it was really uncomfortable. However, I have read that recessed jets are "for comfort" so I am confused on whether there is a huge difference on comfort with the water.

If you have a whirlpool, are your back jets recessed or raised and what do you think? I will probably not always have them on but I will always have water in there!

Also, if you have a tub you regret, please post- I would like to try to exclude some!


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I regret getting a whirlpool tub. Never use the jets. Too noisy, and they are horrible to keep clean. I also think most people consider them to be dated.

If you must have "something" more than a regular soaker, consider an air tub. No jets and not the same cleaning issues - at least that's what I've heard.,

Having said that, I would never buy a tub (if meant for comfortable relaxation, and not just bathing) without at least sitting in it first. Many I've tried are downright uncomfortable. It s a very personal thing - and comfort depends on your size and preferences.

I'm currently on a quest for the perfect tub for my remodel, and planning a road trip to test out some models that are not in a showroom locally. Worth the expense in my mind if the alternative is a tub I will hate and consider a waste of $$$.

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I wouldn't have a water jetted tub because of the algae gunk that they ALL get. 99% of the threads I've read, people just stop using them because they're too hard to maintain and they find the gunk that comes out and swirls around in their bath water a bit disgusting. Instead, I chose an air tub. I've had it for 7.5 years and can honestly say there haven't been more than 15 or 20 times I've NOT turned on the bubbles.

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I have a jetted tub but it does not have back jets so can't help you in that regard. My tub is Kohler's Mariposa and it is a very comfortable tub to lay back and relax in.
Unlike what previous posters stated, I do not find any issues with keeping it clean. I have never had any algae or gunk come out and swirl around in the tub. Occasionally, I fill the tub to the level of the jets, add some bleach and turn on for a few minutes. The noise level is certainly not intolerable.
I don't use the whirlpool on a regular basis but it sure is nice to have when I or another family member what to relax some aching muscles.

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Thanks for the responses- I am familiar with the reputation of whirlpools but I take a bath every day and definitely want the strongest jets I can get- I'm mostly trying to figure out the comfort of the jet types. I am not worried about the cleaning part with the new designs.

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I also have the Mariposa (6' version) and seriously dislike the overly sloped backrest which presses into my shoulders. The 5'6" version has a more vertical backrest that looks like it would be more comfortable. Also, it's 36" wide yet too narrow inside around where your knees are because the sidewalls are so thick.

I do like having jets, and there's nothing dated about them, they're still popular. And not that hard to maintain really.

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lee676, my Mariposa tub is the 5'6" version and you are correct the back is not overly sloped. I am only 5'4 and I find the tub perfectly comfortable.

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