Bath Vent...out the roof or out the gable?

ohmmm_gwAugust 5, 2014

Installing a bathroom vent in a home that has had none since it was built in 1977. Small bath, 8x10.

Located in South Dakota snow country.

Thought about venting it through the soffit, but they are wood soffits and didn't think the warm moist air would do them much good nor the paint on them. And didn't want it creeping back into attic through other soffit vents.

So that leaves venting it out roof or out the gable.

The roof has an opening already cut out and covered over with sheet metal. Was formerly a fresh air intake which was disconnected at some point. So I could put the vent right there. The 10 foot insulated duct reaches it just fine.

But heavy snow on the roof would cover it I am thinking. Not sure if there is enough melting around it from showering and just normal airflow through the vent in winter to keep it clear of snow.

Or I can vent it out the gable end. Would need to add another 10 foot section of insulated duct. But that is doable as well.

This is a Broan 130CFM fan. 6 inch ducting all the way out. 4/12 roof pitch. 3 tab shingles. Hardboard type horizontal siding.

Experiences? Advice?

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Sophie Wheeler


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I'm agreeing with holly again.

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