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dgsgJuly 7, 2012

What are the plastic posts in the detergent dispenser for? A friend had one replaced and there is no posts in the replacement. Much easier to use a gel pak if I removed the existing posts.

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The posts are to prevent a detergent tab or gelpack from fitting into the cup. Dishdrawers, or at least the dispenser cups, are designed ONLY for powders. Tabs and gelpacks could perhaps be placed in one of the silverware basket compartments.

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That is what I thought too, except page 16 of the User Guide says power or gel packs are OK if they fit around the prongs. Only solid tablets must be put in a "tablet tray".

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Myself, I would not place gelpacs in the dispenser cup even if they fit. Unlike other dishwashers, the dispenser does not open to release detergent, it remains closed for the duration of the cycle. The contents are exposed to water only during the fill periods which flush through the prewash cup for the first 1 to 3 fills depending on the cycle, then through the main wash cup for the main wash and after-rinse fills which may not be enough time and volume of water flow to fully dissolve them.

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