Does anyone else HATE their comfort height toilet?

homeatlastAugust 30, 2012

I'm not talking about the mechanical function of the fixture or the aesthetics of the comfort height, but the, uh, user comfort. To paraphrase that Cottonelle commercial with the cartoon bears, one wants to "enjoy the go." However, I think the human body doesn't function as well when you are seated higher off the ground, something to do with leverage and squatting.

I really don't mean to offend anyone and, believe me, I'm not one to discuss this subject, but I hate this thing so much I'm considering replacing it with a regular height toilet asap. I'd love to hear other opinions as this is really not dinner table conversation!

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You could try putting a step stool under your feet, which would effectively make the sitting height shorter for you again.

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If you don't like the comfort-height and feel strongly enough to 'hate this thing', it doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. We just put in 2 comfort height Toto Vespin toilets - and we personally love them. They are designed in such a way that seems to facilitate 'elimination' of any kind. Sorry to read of your discomfort....

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Fori is not pleased

Hahaha. There are uhhh ergonomic studies showing that the more folded and close to a squat one is, the ummmm better things go.

Me? I hate the tall toilets because I'm short. I love my short 1950s toilets with their matching old school super low vanities.

But if you ever have an injury or are lucky enough to get old, those tall toilets are nice to have around.

Toilets are easy enough to change out that nobody should be stuck with one they don't like.

Here is a link that might be useful: potty article (SFW)

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I greatly prefer our new comfort height toilets, but I am tall and have bad knees. The step stool is a good idea.

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fori, that was a surprisingly informative article. I had no idea! So I must admit I don't love the taller comfort height toilets we've put in, though I wasn't specifically thinking about the reasons in the article that fori posted. I am just slightly above average female height and I find I can't put my (bare) feet flat against the floor when sitting on the comfort height toilets. It does not bother me much, so I won't be changing mine out. And since I've been limited by a 10" rough in, the toilet I selected for "performance" was only available in comfort height.

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I'm not thrilled with mine either. It's very nice, but I have the same issue as pricklypearcactus with my feet not touching flat. Wouldn't be that much of an issue except I have an issue that causes me to stay there a bit sometimes. It does look very nice with the higher vanity, more in scale.

Luckily we have a half bath downstairs. That will get a regular toilet in the remodel!

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williamsem, pricklypear, & homeatlast--As someone else who is on the short side of average female height and has an issue that causes me to stay there a bit sometimes, I can recommend the little wooden nursing stools. They are sold in WalMart, Target, Babies R Us and were originally designed for the nursing mother to set her feet on flat to elevate her knees & thighs making nursing a baby more comfortable. The part of the stool where you rest your feet is actually slightly angled for ergonomic reasons. Much cheaper than replacing the toilet!

Hope this helps!

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Gosh, interesting. I love our new comfort height so much that I feel like I am falling to the floor now when I use the one upstairs that is still regular height. We plan to replace that one too because we love it so much. I'm almost 5'5" and my husband is 6 feet tall. Don't know if a person's height makes any difference.

At first I confess it took some getting used to. Maybe the type of seat is a problem? I was surprised that such an expensive toilet had a plastic seat! Our's are Kohler Memoirs and Devonshire in the other bath. My mom has the Cimerron and she was able to order her's with a wood seat. It is so much more comfortable and sturdy. Although I have gotten used to the soft close plastic, I would prefer the wood. We got our's at the big box stores one from Home Depot and the other at Lowe's while my mother got her's at Ferguson's. Has anyone else read that toilets from HD and Lowe's have had a problem with the exploding mechanism that powers the flush? Kinda scary!!! My hope is that in time you will get used to the new height! Good luck!

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Fori, thanks so much for that link. It's funny how Western society has adapted away from the natural ergonomics.

I'm grateful for all of the comments and suggestions (particularly the nursing stool - thanks mydreamhome) as I was more focused on aging in place in this apartment when I renovated. Hence the comfort height toilet and a grab bar instead of a towel bar in the tub area. If the stepstool doesn't work out, I'll probably go ahead and make the switch back to standard height.

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We have two Toto Ultramax toilets. Mine is regular height and the DH's is comfort height (not all comfort heights are the same). I'm 5' tall and do NOT like the higher toilet. My husband didn't like it at first but has gotten use to it and finds is comfortable now. We bought it for the aging reason (we're in our 50's).

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I'm also only 5' tall. I haven't liked the comfort heights either, although I did put them into my home, for the sake of the majority of people who would be there. It isn't like I can't use them, I just prefer the lower style and do find it more comfortable overall. If I lived alone, I would have gone that route, but I don't so, you know, you compromise on some things.

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I've learned a LOT from the forums on That Home Site, but I never thought I'd be learning about,,,,,uh,,,,,this topic!

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They are called handicapped stools here and I had one installed in the guest bathroom because my husband was getting weaker and weaker. I had rather use it than the lower ones. I do have to put a padded seat cover on because it will cut off the circulation to my feet if I sit there to long. When I use the other stools in the house I feel like I am going all the way to the floor when I sit down.

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I installed one in our vacation home. Can't wait to replace the one in our master bath at home. Guess I'm getting old...

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You must be young. I adore my comfort height toilet because it's so easy to get up from it. I'm not all that old and in good shape but I enjoy the ease of getting up. My powder room still has a standard toilet and whenever I use it I feel like I'm sitting on the floor! I'm 5'6", not overly tall.

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We are building and prefer comfort height however have two 5 foot
family members , will that make them uncomfortable ?

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You may want to have them try them out if you have a store that has fixture displays. You may also want to have a bathroom with a conventional height toilet.

I think I am going to put in one of each with a grab bar or a prep for a grab bar near the lower toilet for people who need assistance standing.

Part of the issue in America is two-fold: the population raised on team and school sports is aging, and being overweight is the new "normal", so Americans have lower joint problems. Add that a lot of Americans won't walk up a fligth of stairs if they can avoid it, and the muscles used to do so become less efficient, and this is another thing that makes it difficult to stand up from a low position.

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We both prefer lower toilets.

We installed a regular height toilet in our new powder room and my husband said "I miss the old one!"

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