Thermador, Wolfe, or Dacor?

Naz7July 1, 2013


I prefer to pick one manufacturer for my kitchen appliances: interested in the 48" stove, wall oven unit (microwave, oven, warming drawer) and also a 48" fridge. I'm currently leaning towards Thermador 48" stove with the steam oven, and the 30" column fridge and 18" column freezer. I've been a happy Thermador (electric stove top and oven) and a Dacor (gas cooktop, electric oven) owner.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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If it was me I would not limit myself to one manufacturer for all my appliances. We mixed and matched for our remodel last year and are very happy with all of our choices.

If you are worried about the looks of how multiple vendors will go together I personally don't think it is that big of a deal.

I say spend your money wisely and get the best appliance you can afford of each type and that you like regardless of the manufacturer.

Others may have their own opinions, and this is just mine, so I wish you the best if your decisions.


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Dito what Phil says - why limit yourself to one brand ???

If you must - forget Dacor - they don't have a steam oven or dishwashe and they don't make fridge units in house and have no Fully Integrated options at all.

Theramdor's rangetops aren't as robust as WOlf's and their ranges have had serious trouble over the last decade - a quick google will return you a month's reading if you fancy.
I have had trouble with every single Tdor oven that I had to specify into a job for a client. Fixed under warranty but who needs the hassle ?

Column fridges are very nice and no issues, steam oven is too new to get a real read on, but I suspect they borrowed heavily from their sister Gaggenau who has lead the steam oven market along with Miele for about a decade.

Wolf/ Sub Zero has robust products and the network in place to service problems should they arise. Their steam oven is new and is made for them by an Italian outfit. Warming drawer is $$$ and a bit large so it doesn't blend well with Euro cabinets if that matters to you.

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xedos, who makes Dacor fridges?

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Think they still come from Whirlpool, not bad units though.

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Thomas Wolfe does not make appliances but if I had to pick one company it would be Sub Zero Wolf :)

Last would be Dacor better yet pick the best appliance in each category regardless of brand.

Get a Capital Culinarian AG range with motorized rotisserie, self clean oven, grill, and powerful even 23k btu open burners.

With the money you save buy the Gaggenau steam oven.

Get the Gaggenau convection wall oven and warming drawer.

Get Sharp MW drawer.

The Thermador Freedom columns are excellent.

You did not mention dishwasher but in the price class of the appliances you are looking at get Miele.

Looking forward you can replace individual appliances instead of looking at a massive repair bill to replace one function or replace an entire combo unit.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I've been to Wolfe and Dacor demo/dinner events and soon to Thermador's. At first I was sure I wanted the Wolfe 48" range with 6 burners and the grill, then someone talked me out of it because of the smoke generated from grilling. However, at the demo, there was hardly any smoke - the Wolfe folks suggested I take my usual chicken kabob to their event center and try it for myself! I'm doing that this week and if all goes well, I will go with it. I'll be getting a hood with at least 1200 CFM. I also liked the Wolfe Steam Oven, especially having access to the water tank from the outside of the unit. I still prefer Thermador's column fridge/freezer units due to the interior use of stainless steel on the edges as oppose to Sub-zero's white - they also seem more spacious. The dishwasher will be Miele and the garbage compactor, Kitchenaid. I also need a beverage unit just for drinks and not wine - looking at U-line.

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Wolf not Wolfe

Below is a Capital Culinarian 48" range with four 23k btu open burners and a 24" hybrid grill. You can also put pots and pans on the grill.

Normally $10k.

Floor model on ebay is $6.4k link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I think your cooking equipment should support your chosen cooking style within your means. Sounds like you have the means, so if you have a passion for grilling and can't do it outdoors 12 months a year where you live, install proper ventilation to deal with the inevitable smoke and don't look back. Ventilation is a hot and recurring topic on GW, so plenty of info here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vent hood info

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