Terrazzo shower pan vs acrylic and tiled shower pan

M_N_AAugust 6, 2013

I found some design photo with nice clean prefab Terrazzo shower pan and found the price reasonable

However, I read somewhere that Terrazzo is hard to clean.

But if I go with tiled shower pan with some mosaic or river stone, there will be lots of grouts and even tiny puddle of water.

so how hard is it to maintain a Terrazzo shower pan? compare to acrylic one and tiled shower pan

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I am going to put in a Kohler cast iron shower pan. They come in 3x4' and 3x5'. Many colors too.

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Terrazzo shower pans are very durable and require minimal maintenance. They are often used in commercial/institutional environments.

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i am wondering why so few are using Terrazzo now.


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@M_N_A - what did you decide to do? are you happy with the decision?

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