Contractor scratched marble floor - Advise please!

piscesgirlAugust 20, 2013

So our bathroom remodel continues. Needless to say I don't think we will be using this contractor for our hall bathroom remodel....which is next.

Our contractor started on the bathroom floor tiling this morning. Floor is a polished white marble 12x12, installed in running bond pattern.

Came home today to find half the floor is only 7' x 7.5'. He is moving at the pace of a snail (2.6 tiles per hour).

I am noticing that there are fine scratches all over the installed tile. He hasn't grouted yet, so it isn't a grout issue (we purchased unsanded grout for him to use). It appears it is from the thinset (which appears to have a great deal of sand) which I think he may be wiping over the tile for some reason. Not sure exactly what product he is using (he must have taken it with him in his truck) but he did say this morning that the DITRA required he use white unmodified thinset and that he had to pick some up from the tile shop down the road (they sell Laticrete products).

Any advise? Can the scratches be easily buffed out? Not sure I trust him to do it. Should I argue that he has to pay to have our floor re-polished by a professional marble restorer? Any idea as to cost?

It this point I am afraid to have him touch the second half of the floor. Regardless of what we do I need to discuss it with him tomorrow morning.

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