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jrueterAugust 31, 2013

I came across this picture, which is now making me re-think plans to use the expected frameless shower door in our master bath redo.

Eclectic Bathroom by Dallas Photographers Lindsay von Hagel
(they repurposed a salvaged french door and installed it as a stationary shower wall with a shower curtain behind for added water protection)

I love the fact that it uses a salvaged piece, both for the green factor and the cost savings over frameless shower doors. I also love that it would bring in both an architectural element and some softness with the curtain, and even some color with a different curtain. As an added plus we wouldn't have to keep the frameless doors clean and spot-free.

But then there are the practical issues. Finding a door to use. Sealing it well (probably the easiest to tackle). Making sure the door/curb/shower configuration won't cause floods. Probably changing out the glass to tempered for safety.

Of course, since I am in the planning phase and haven't made any *actual* decisions yet, I should be glad I found it now, but I am torn. Are these issues readily overcome, because I really love the look? Anyone out there tried or have something like this?

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Depending on the age of the door (or if you buy new) it might already have safety glass - it would be code for a door like that. Or I wonder if you could attach a sheet of plexiglass over all the panes on the inside of the shower? Caulk it well so no moisture could get behind it?

I love the idea and the look! Keep us posted about what you do.

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olychick - yes, I considered it might be possible to find a salvage with tempered glass, or buying a new one. I like your idea of using the plexiglass - will have to keep that in mind.

As I said, just in the idea/pre-planning stages at this point, but I always get so much inspiration and help from GWers that I will definitely be around during the process! thanks!

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This looks great

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The look is great! I'm not real happy with our doors; maybe someday we can change to that!

But, unless you had a door on hand and/or were planning on doing most of the work yourself, I doubt there would be much savings, if that is really an important motive. Besides the additional work, there's lots of demand for desirable salvage pieces in most places nowadays, so they're not that cheap.

If you do this, please let us know how it works out.

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I like it! But I think it might be best for a bathroom that has a vintage or eclectic style. You didn't say what style your bath will be.

It seems it actually is following the new trend that is appearing in kitchens, i.e. trying to make your kitchen look more like a living space than a laboratory. Seems like the same would apply for the bathroom in this case.

Are there french doors built that are made out of that composite that is waterproof but that looks like wood? I think it is similar to PVC but doesn't look like it. I would worry about the waterproofing as has already been mentioned.

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s8thrd - I know what you mean about the cost of salvage pieces. I have scanned CL a bit of late, and it looks like I may be able to find something there, although cost savings isn't my primary motive, it will help with DH.

elphaba - thanks for your comments. the room will definitely be eclectic/vintage so I am glad you feel it is well suited to that style. I haven't heard about doors made from composite - I will have to see what I can find.

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Our current bedroom patio door is a French door, believe it is tempered glass panels - you might look for exterior type doors which are designed for weather. FYI painting the trim strips around the glass is a PITA.

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