Fisher Paykel Cool Drawer or Other Freezer Drawer

leiboJuly 14, 2010

I was considering purchasing a Fisher Paykel Cool Drawer and was wondering if anyone has purchased it and what your opinions are on it? It only came out in December and I haven't found any reviews. I would use it primarily as a freezer drawer in addition to a 36" fridge. I am also considering an undercounter Summit freezer, or the SubZero freezer drawers as that is all I have found (but would rather not spend that much). I also saw a Perlick on some posts and was wondering your experiences with it. I would really appreciate any help.

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I will be watching this as well. I am in the market because I am doing the 36" SZ too. I would prefer an ice maker in the freezer drawers because I would like to eliminate one appliance. Like you, I'd like a cheaper alternative than the SZ.

I remember hearing a while back the Summitt is loud.

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Thanks for your response. I have read some reviews that summit is loud, although it might depend on the model. The commercial ones are loud, not sure about the residential ones. I have also read reviews on a different site about bad customer service. Would love to hear about a successful summit or other options.

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I googled the Cool Drawer and it looks like a fridge not freezer. Am I missing something? It is also very wide, versus the subzeros which are 27" if I remember right?

Are you doing a separate icemaker? I am trying to avoid that . . . .

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I have Perlick fridge drawers and would have no hesitation recommending any of the Perlick products. They were making commercial refrigeration before they went into residential, but they don't sound like commercial units.

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I think the Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawers can be set to either refrigerator or freezer. I would love to know if anyone has had experience with them.... i cannot find any reviews either.

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I have been researching this as well. The fisher paykal drawer can be both. Either a freezer or a fridge. Unfortunately it doesn't have an icemaker. Which is something I rather wanted.

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"Unfortunately it doesn't have an icemaker"

This should tell you all you need to know about this for use as a freezer.

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