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emmaApril 3, 2013

Do any of you know of another cookie cleaner that is simple and easy to use. CCleaner is responsible for my MS Security Essentials not holding it's updates and scanning information. It is also responsible for the visited and unvisited sites from holding their color. I know what to do to make it stop, but I don't understand after all these years why they can't make it work like it used to. It took me a long time to find out that CC was the problem. Any suggestions?

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In Ccleaner you can uncheck MS Security Essentials .. In win8 its Windows Defender(same as ms security essentials) I assume you have that check box too for MS security essentials. UnCheck it ?

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Thank you Mikie but I posted I know how to correct it and it is not listed as mmse in my windows 7. It is listed as ms malware. I removed the check mark every time they do this and removed every thing related to FF except cookies, so my visits remain the color they should be.

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I am sorry MIkie Windows defender is listed, I had not noticed that since I did not know it was the same. I have unchecked it now. Thanks. When I researched the problem of MSSE not working properly after I used CC. I was told to uncheck Ms anti malware and that fixed the problem. I just assumed that was associated with MSSE. The thing is I have always used CC as it comes and it started causing problems a few months ago after an upgrade and again after this last upgrade.

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In 25 years of computer use I have never used things like CCleaner as they just seem to cause problems. If you want to get rid of cookies easily, use a browser such as Firefox that allows you to set it to automatically delete cookies each time the browser is closed.

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Thanks Kudzu I will look into that. You have to log back in each time don't you if you use the browser? That is one of the things I like about CC, I can save what I want.

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If you have Firefox clear cookies when you close it, it's true that you have to login again. However, sometimes I have my computer on with my browser open for several days at a time, so it's not a big deal. Also, I prefer taking a few seconds to login, rather than spending possibly more time maintaining something like CCleaner.

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There really is nothing to 'maintain' in Ccleaner. Used with default settings it seems to be one of the safer programs around with very little negative comments on it's capabilities.

The only option I use is to protect cookies I would prefer not to have removed when using the cleaner.

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Owbist, I have always used it like you do, but all of a sudden it cleans the settings/memory or whatever from MSSE and it says I am not protected. I researched and read that I should uncheck MS Antimalware in windows section of CC which fixed the problem. I was also told if that did not fix it to uncheck the MS Management Console.

Later an another upgrade for CC the colors of my visited and unvisited thread were lost. I contacted CCleaner and was told to uncheck everything related to FF.

Then this last upgrade the thing I had un checked came in checked again. I knew this time how to fix it. My main reason for starting this thread is because I remember someone saying they used another software to clean with.

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I have used cCleaner for years with never a problem. The problem I had with visited sites not changing color was strictly a browser problem, and browser updates fixed that.

However, there is a cleaner made by Comodo that seems to be okay. I have used it on another computer without any problems, so if you want to investigate that one, it might be worth a try. I don't have a link, but I'm sure a Google search will turn it up for you.

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Thanks grandms. I have used CC for years without a problem and probably will continue with it, but was getting aggravated at it. Some of it could have been FF updates also, but you all use it to.

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If you have Revo Uninstaller. It has a cleaner that does a pretty good job. Revo is rapidly losing market share on the freeware version I think as the free version doesn't uninstall 64 bit programs -- but the cleaner still works very much ok.

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