best dishwasher for under $500?

michoumonsterJuly 10, 2012

Hi all, I am looking for a dishwasher that is under $500. I would love to get your recommendations on what you think is the best bang for your buck. I found several models that fit my budget, but do not have any idea which are decent and which are to be avoided like the plague .. I do not have a lot of criteria, mainly that I would like stainless steel or panel ready, energy star.. water softener (is this possible? with my budget??). thanks for any recs!!

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I'm not sure about specific brands, but a lot of stores have damaged (cosmetic only) or clearing out of last years models for a significant discount. You just have to be willing to take the time to either call or go and look. If you aren't in a hurry, leave your name and number and keep shopping around, you'd be surprised at how many bargains are out there!

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Sears outlet is a good place to look too.

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hi panzer1 and angiebangie, thanks for the suggestions on how to get some deals on appliances. my area (SF bay area) is so competitive though. i have been visiting appliance stores in search of floor models and the like, but not had much luck so far with dishwashers.. even the floor models are around $500 for maytag or frigidaires, which seemed like the going rates for these brands online anyhow.. and the salesguys don't seem that interested in selling unless you want to buy a lot.. but not to say i won't keep trying! thanks

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