Capital Culinarian Questions?

DJ493July 3, 2013

For the most part my wife and I have narrowed our choice of 36" 6-burner Rangetop in our new home to a Capital Culinarian or BlueStar. We have a BlueStar dealer near. However we really like the looks of the Capital better. That said we have a few questions.

1. Since the closet Capital dealer is a 2 1/2 hour drive we question if the the rangetop can be properly serviced in the event service is needed. Does anyone here have experiance with Capital's service if living so far away?

2. What are the real Capital delivery times? The home will not be completed until October so if delivery is even 12 weeks out it's no big deal. We just don't want to be caught with a finished house and no way too cook.

3. I've seen referance to Capital now providing a simmer burner (standard or and an option I'm not sure), however the Capital website makes no referance to any simmer burner.

4. In researching both Capital and BlueStar I found many older posts by Trevor both her and YouTube reguarding BlueStar. Now it all seems Capital, can I assume the he has dropped Bluestar?

Anyway I'm hoping some Capital users or even Trevor can chime in and help.

Thanks, lots of good info to my previous posts!

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As far as service goes, you should find out from Capital who provides service in your area. Service is not necessarily provided by the dealer you purchase from. Some dealers may be authorized to provide service but not all are. Capital may have someone to provide service closer than the dealer or someone who will travel to your location.

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Hi, I have posted a comment on another forum before... I have the Capital Culinarian 48" self clean gas range... I love love love it! Changed my life :)
I live in Ontario Canada and was worried about the service myself. I purchased my range through Direct Buy and was worried that I had to go through them instead of Capital for service... The day I got my stove I noticed that one of the burners didn't work (it worked once and then stopped working but my oven was sitting in a garage for about 6months while we were building our house) anyway I called Capital helpline right away, the guy on the phone located a technician in my area, he placed a service call, I think it only took one to two days, he even ordered parts right away so the tech had everything he needed in case something needed replacing. I was impressed...then the tech came, he fixed the problem, tech was extremely knowledgable and he even noticed that one of the knobs was sticking (I hadn't even noticed it myself) so he replaced the knob too... All and all great and fast service!
As far as the simmer option, my stove has 4 gas burners, all 4 have the simmer option, it works well, I do wish it was a tiny bit less powerful but I would definitely recommend Capital to anyone, in fact I used to own the Capital 30" gas range and then I upgraded :)
Good luck and happy cooking!

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I think Trevor dropped BS because of issue with the company rather than the quality of the BS line. I might be wrong on that but I think i read that posted from him a while back. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong.

I personally own a BS Rangetop and love it, i don't think you can go wrong with either of these. I think they are both well made units and you will enjoy either of them once installed.

I agree with the other poster that you should contact both companies directly to find out about service for your units. Just because it is sold close to you doesn't mean the service company will be close to you. Heck the BS service center may end up being farther away that the one for CC.

Best of luck, and again I don't think you can go wrong with either of these.


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reneef, was the repair man afiliated with a Capital dealer?

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I have a new Culinarian 36" with 6 burners. Capital does not show the new low output or small pan burner on their website but I was told that all 2013 Culinarians would have it. Mine was delivered with the small pan burner. I do find it usefull. On simmer, I found that the 23K burners were still too hot for a small pan of sauce. The small pan burner on low does not cause the sauce to bubble like it did on the 23k burners. I do not know anything about the service but I plan on doing all the servicing myself as long as Capital or Eurostoves will send me the parts. I haven't had any issues so far.

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I think the "small pan burner" is a necessity. The big burners on mine maintain a rolling boil in an 8 qt pan with 6 qt of liquid in it (this is after a service call to confirm that I had adjusted them as low as possible). Anything in a small pot (1-2 qt) with less liquid (eg oatmeal) gets burned. I'm trying to get them to give me a small burner as a retrofit since the range as is clearly doesn't come close to the published specifications at the low end. On the other hand, on high it really rocks and comes close to useful stir-fry heat.

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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Our 30" gas culinarian is sitting in our garage waiting to be installed tomorrow, and now I hear that the low low heat option isn't so low afterall?

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If your culinarian was made in 2013 then you should have the small pan burner. The small pan burner only has 1 circle of gas jets vs the 23K burner that has 3 circles. I think the small pan burner is 8K. The small pan burner can also be turned way down. I have had a half quart of a medium thickness red sauce in a pan without any problems with it bubbling.

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Assuming your dealer didn't have your rangetop/range in stock, what was the delivery time? Where do you call home?


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They did have one in stock but since I didn't need it right away they ordered one for me instead of taking it from their inventory. I would assume that they only need to keep one in stock. The delivery was 8 weeks and I ordered from Eurostoves. I live in the Rochester, New York area.

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Thanks, Tom! You were right. We do have the small pan burner. Now, if only the plumber gets the gas line moved today we might be able to cook on our new range tonight. Excited.

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Hi DJ493, sorry for the delay.... the repairman was directly from Capital, not from a dealer.

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