height of bathroom baseboard moulding

gsciencechickAugust 6, 2007

We have about 5 1/4" moulding throughout the house. There was only the tiny shoe molding in the bathroom, which we took out.

I bought 3 1/4" moulding because I thought we would have trouble installing the taller moulding because the A/C vent is lower than in the half bath, and I saw how much work the GC's guys did in the half bath cutting around the toilet water supply line.

DH said we should be consistent with the rest of the house. I would rather go for the easier moulding. If we go for the higher moulding, we may have to have the GC's guys come back.

Any thoughts?

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Funny, we are having the same discussion. If it's a lot easier, go with what you want, but I think wider moldings look better. We have 150 yr old house, and the whole thing has 8 inch base moldings, so that is what we are trying to replicate in the bath now! I found premade, nice 5.5 inch ones, but it's not the same....

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LOL! DH also likes the taller mouldings and says we should be consistent thoughout the house, but I'm not sure we could DIY it to cut around the vent and toilet line.

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My opinion is that because it's a bathroom, who's going to critique it that much? Most people don't even look at baseboards. If it was a living room and dining room and the 2 moldings can be seen at the same time, well, that would be bad. But a bathroom? I think it would look worse for you to use the same height molding, as the rest of the house, and then have to cut into the profile to make it fit.

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I am a firm believer in oomph-y baseboards - I have come to detest skimpy baseboards (and other moldings), they just look cheap IMO unless it's a very modern house with minimalist moldings everywhere. Our current house has 6 1/2"-ish (just a 1x6" - which is really only 5 1/2" - with a 1" cap molding on top, cheap, simple, and snazzy looking) baseboards in the master suite but we never got to fixing the builder-blecch 3 1/2" "phony Colonial" ones in the rest of the house and I think they look so chintzy.

Is the baseboard going to be painted? You should be able to rout a nice edge around the cutout for the AC vent, or use a bit of 1x1 stock (for example, I don't know what your vent cover looks like) to bump out the vent hole so that the front of the vent will be flush with the baseboard. Trim it out with a nice piece of molding that goes prettily with the top profile of the baseboard. If the baseboard's going to be painted, the toilet supply issue is easy-peasy! Just cut the baseboard in two sections, each with half the cutout for the toilet supply which I'm sure can be done with a hole saw that costs about 10 bucks at HD and goes on any electric drill. Fit them together around the supply, smooth out the seam with paintable caulk or wood filler, paint and tah-daaah! Put a nice cover plate, aka an escutcheon, around the pipe to cover the hole.

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