New Crown Molding and Lightning Photos (Thank You)

KevinMPAugust 1, 2012

I posted a while back asking for help with the crown molding in my dining room in my early 19th century house. Although it's not a bathroom, I wanted to get input here since it's one of the most heavily trafficked forums (other than the kitchen forum). Anyhow, taking some of the advice I got on this web site, I ended up going with a 4" reveal on the ceiling and a 2" (or so) reveal on the wall with a 5.5" crown. While I was at it, I installed recessed lighting including some eyeballs for the art, fireplace, and shelving. I think it looks great. (For those of you who think it's too much wood, I really didn't have a choice on using the baseboard because I needed it to hide imperfections in the walls and ceiling, which are the original plaster and not the least bit level/plum.)

I intentionally didn't use a flash so that the glow of the lighting is detectable, but it's not nearly as dark as it appears in some pictures because I'm taking the pictures directly into the lighting. Thank you all again.

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It looks fantastic, Kevin! I like your decorating style and I LOVE your mirror on the mantel. Your color choices look great with your wood.

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I think it looks great! Definitely not too much wood. It looks really nice with the dark paint color.

Is this the same room you were asking about just a couple weeks ago? If so, I seriously can't believe how quickly you acted!

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I had to move quickly because my contractor was beginning the project, and while he was here, I told him he might as well do the lighting at the same time. I still have to paint the rest of the molding because the color is slightly off. I went through several trials of paint and nothing matched (even though it was allegedly color-matched). I blame the fact that the trim is painted in oil based paint, and I went with latex (ultimately the newer Benjamin Moore alkyd paint in high gloss). The rest needed painting anyhow.

In three days, I had recessed lighting, crown molding, and blistering plaster from old water damage all fixed and the room and molding painted. He works fast.

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