Down to the final two ranges: GE Monogram vs. Electrolux Icon Pro

Kitten1313July 11, 2013


There are a couple of things I like better about the Monogram: the flat burners, the temperature probe, proofing mode and timer.

What I like about the Electrolux: good reviews on GW, big oven, price. I really really don't like the burners on the Elux - they stick up and out and just seem very intrusive. I much prefer the flat table-top appearance of the GE.

I kind of feel like for the $$, Elux Icon Pro is the way to go. Any of have .02 to share?

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I think the elux icon is sure a piece if eye candy!
For me, it came down to icon vs wolf.

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I was looking at the Icon Pro too but dislike the vertical grates. Is that what you are talking about? The rest of the styling is great, but those look so strange/cheap to me.

I'm curious how you narrowed it down to these two. We have been looking for a solid mid-range gas range but the mid-range seems almost the same price as the high-end and I've been flip-flopping. I like the look of the Monogram but have read such bad things about GE on this forum that I ruled them out (and they don't seem less than Wolf, Blue Star, Capital which lead the polls here).

If you follow the feedback on this forum, it seems overall Electrolux is the favored product of the two.

Good luck!

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After all the angst, reading, etc., we bought a DF range GE Monogram. Love it. No problems. There are negative posts for all the mfg, and our appliances are a mix, but for ovens, the GE has worked exactly as we wished.

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Actually, GE has always made pretty good ranges. It's the other kitchen appliances they produce which are terrible. Their DWs, for example, are awful. I had one that couldn't clean worth a darn, but refused to die! I was sooooo happy when I finally got rid of it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I searched the forum for reviews of GE Monogram ranges and didn't find much negative feedback. And that which I did find was from several years ago; I believe GE has since revamped their ranges.

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Sorry but the 2011 GE Monogram DF 36" with griddle is sadly part of the total GE Monogram total package we bought for our kitchen...grease fire because of grease draining under griddle accumulating by flames. Photos I sent to GE Monogram case worker Dawn said "the engineer said this amount of grease is normal and safe." Seriously?!? I'm not even going into the problem with too hot to touch wall oven door & second repair to refrigerated side of 48" side by side that ranges between 22-27 degrees thus freezing contents. GE repair tech said "too bad you bought 2011 & not 2012 because the newer ones are made in US not China like yours. " nice, huh?!?

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Ugh, SatsyNana. That stinks. One of the reasons I considered the GE monogram was that I was told that it was revamped and is now made in the USA. Sorry you've had such trouble.

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