Blocked sender getting through to my Hotmail inbox

seagrass_gwApril 4, 2012

What more can I do? He's a nasty, negative person and I do not want to even see his name. Hotmail states that messages from blocked senders will be automatically deleted, but in the past 3 days messages from him have been showing up in my inbox. His e-mail address is the same as what I have blocked. Yesterday I checked boxes on 3 of his e-mails and clicked "mark as phishing scam" but this morning, another message from him.

Anyone have experience with this?? This is serious. This man is playing with my head. Sadly, he's a relative.

Big time thanks to anyone who can help me.

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Get rid of the Hotmail account. Get a new Yahoo, G-mail, account. That's what I'd do.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

create a new rule for your spam filter that includes his address and name set the rule to block all mail this is different than just trying to block it as you have.

How to Set Up an Incoming Mail Filter in Windows Live Hotmail

Email filters in Hotmail

Hotmail now has a feature called sweep you can set it to automatically sweep any email from a particular address directly into a folder or file you can set it to sweep all of his directly into trash folder.


Sweep feature in Hotmail

try all of those options something should work

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Thanks to you both so very much. I will try to address the filters and sweeps in Hotmail. Failing that, I will have to establish a different e-mail account.

I usually hang out in the cooking forum LOL.

Vegetables are so much easier than people.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I 'block' email addresses in Hotmail with no problem.

In a nutshell, go to your Hotmail and click on Options in the upper right hand corner.

Choose More options

Under "Preventing junk email" choose Safe and blocked senders

Fill in their email address in the "Blocked email address or domain:" box and click Add to list


If you get another one before getting him blocked just check the box in front of his email (in the inbox list) and choose Sweep. Then choose Block from. Then choose Block all.
Once you hit 'enter' you should get the message, "Okay, you've added to your block list."

It sounds like you probably did not have the addy on your actual blocked sender list.

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I did actually have him on the Blocked email address list. That's why I was so surprised to find messages from him - and even though I don't open them, the titles alone are hurtful and enough to bother me throughout the day.

I did also read that I should remove him from my "Contacts" list, which I have now done. So far, so good. It would be a real pain to change to another email address, but I will do that if I'm not successful with what has been suggested here.

Again I'm grateful for the help.

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Well, if he was on your contacts list, that may have overridden the blocked senders list. Hopefully this will be the end of it. However, if he is persistent, he may just set up a new email account, and send to your existing one...then you will have to block that, too. If this keeps up, and it is really troublesome or even threatening, please go to the police and see what they can advise.

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