Shower wall tile layout

HiGwenAugust 10, 2013

I am laying out a tile shower and was wondering if anyone could offer any feedback on a few different options.

The shower consists of three walls with one bench and a wide niche on the far wall:

Laying out the tiles on each wall I have come up with three options. In each case, I've tried to lay things out so I don't have any narrow tiles near the floor, bench, niche or ceiling. For the layouts, I've flattened the 3d drawing as it is easier to draw in 2d. The holes in the right correspond to the shower fixtures while the rectangles in the middle are the bench and niche.

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Are you tiling this or someone else. If you are, have you tiled before? Is this a new plumbing job too? Do you have flexibility in the location of the shower head and still meet your clearance needs?

Option 1- I like the symmetry. I wonder if the tile cut above the niche is too narrow. It might not be. The wall with the fixtures, is there anyway that the large tile can have the shower head coming out of the center, right to left, between the grout lines?

Option 2- I like the way the niche fits in the space, up and down. Again, is the shower head dead center on that wall? If it is why not treat that wall like the end wall, center your design and work out from there.

Option 3- I want to center the shower.

If you centered the tile on the shower head wall, I think it would be best to mirror the center to the other wall even though on that short wall with glass wont have the tile pattern centered. But both turned corners coming from the bench wall will be the same.

Should the tiles be vertical or horizontal, I don't know. The horizontal may help with illusion of more width.

I am going to put up 12x24 tiles in my shower that is 60x36, where one of the 36" walls will be extended beyond the glass door. I still centered the tiles at the shower head and let the tile outside end where is does. In the picture the 3 shower wall sides are separated by a block. The larger wall is 60" and the shorter one is 36". The thin black line is suppose to represent the glass shower door. In this example I haven't figured out placement up/down for the fixtures, just right and left.

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