What do I need to really know about the LaCanche

winesnobJuly 14, 2011

It is hard to believe a couple of months ago I had never heard of a LaCanche and now my entire days are consumed with gathering all I can about them. We are just having our plans done for our new kitchen. I am going to have Miele wall oven, microwave, and that wonderful steam oven. For the stove I just can't decide whether to do the Cluny or Sully and am wondering what nightmares if any are going to occur with wiring and venting. I would love any advice you could give to help me. I am thinking of doing the French Blue in the Cluny 1400. If you have some pictures to share of your LaCanche I would love to see.

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Hi Winesnob,

If you've been consumed with Lacanche research, there's probably not a lot I can offer since I still haven't ordered mine. It does seem to me that the primary attraction of the Sully is the larger oven size (and the availability of convection), but you're already planning some serious oven power with the Mieles. In your shoes I'd definitely lean toward the Cluny 1400. People here all seem to rave about the warming oven and that would fill a need you don't already have covered.

I'm leaning toward the Chagny 1400 with the Cluny-sized ovens. And I won't have a wall oven of any kind to fall back on.

As for wiring and venting nightmares, I haven't heard of any. The specs make the set up look pretty straightforward.

Best of luck with your choice. The French Blue is beautiful.

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Art Culinare, who sell Lacanche, can put you in touch with other owners in your area if you request that. Additionally, they have a huge amount of information about installation and always have been very responsive to owners -- complaints have been very rare with either the range or the service.

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I have the Cluny 1400 in French blue and I love it!

I like having the smaller ovens, but I don't plan to cook a turkey or something gigantic in them. (I probably could do a turkey in one of those things, but it would probably be awkward, because the pan would be turned to the side.) I got one gas and one electric oven and they have both worked perfectly for me.

A warming oven is the bee's knees. Seriously, I thought having one was going to be a)pointless, b)stupid, c)both. But it is wonderful.

The hardest thing to find out ahead of time is whether any appliance repair people in your area can handle these things. I have had one repair call because one burner wasn't working--turned out it hadn't been hooked up properly by the installer. My repair guys come from a high end commercial repair place about 20 miles away, so it's more expensive for them to visit. However, Art Culinaire was very helpful during a phone consult with them and got my problem taken care of right away.

The repair guy couldn't get over how clean and well-designed the Lacanche was under the hood. He had nothing but bad stuff to say about Wolf, btw.

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It has been a month since I posted this and I am finally ready to order my Cluny 1400. I have to make final decision on configurations. Also I saw a post about concerns on the simmer and there not being a shut off valve. Have you had any safety concerns?

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We have a 3 year old Volnay. The simmer on all burners can't be turned down low enough to be effective without risking the flame going out and blowing up the house. However, the new models have an automatic shut off for the gas if the flame is extinguished, so you shouldn't have this problem. It's my only complaint about the range. The burners are wonderfully powerful and it's a joy to cook on. We just use an inexpensive heat diffuser when cooking stews and sauces.

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Meeting with the contractor today to look at some of his projects.....Believe it, I have not ordered this stove. I still keep trying to convience myself about some of the issues.....like not self cleaning...the shut off valve issue resolved, I love the looks of the stove, I just don't want something that everyday because I am a clean freak that I am tripping out about it and not cooking in it because it is difficult to clean....a lot of money for something just to look good, just want to make sure with all this beauty and class comes common sense. Thanks for all your ideas.

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Encourage you to make sure you see one live IRL before you order. Check out the ovens, the racks, the burners. I did this and it was critical for me. (Wound up picking something else).

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Most likely your nightmares will come from the "Regular" Miele oven. The Miele Steam oven seems to get good reviews as do their "Speed Ovens", (haven't seen much about their MW's).

At least 2 posters here have had the Miele ovens replaced for low temp problems and the replacement oven had the same problem. You will find similar complaints on many different web-sites.

I would suggest you do a search for Miele Ovens on the appliance main page, then you may want to visit other sites like Chow Hound, Epinions, etc etc---It really doesn't take a lot of searching to find the low temp problem.

Good luck with your pending choices.


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I am beginning my search for a new range and really thought I was sold on the Lacanche - the La Cornue is out of the budget - but now I'm reading about issues with the ovens not heating evenly, the doors getting too hot, and the simmer being too high.

So now I'm doing some research about the Capital Culinarian, but it doesn't offer both gas and electric ovens, and of course, is not nearly as attractive as the Lacanche. I know the argument about cooks v. looks, but it doesn't seem there's a perfect range out there!

Any ideas or suggestions?

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SnookieCookie: It's true that the simmer - even on the lowest 5K BTU burner - is a bit high, especially if the pot starts out hot from other cooking. But, it's easily solved using an inexpensive heat spreader, which works perfectly.

I have a Sully with one gas and one electric oven (no convection). They both work great. The doors (not the handles) get a little warm but by no means hot. Certainly not warm enough to burn anything or anyone, even a child.

It does take awhile to learn to use the ovens but I've never had any problems baking or roasting in them. They don't heat "unevenly." The heat in ALL ovens -- including expensive electric ovens with digital reads -- varies over time, often by 25 degrees up/down. Even digital reads are set to allow for this kind of variation. That's why you hear the heat going on and off as an oven works, as the ovens adjust the heat back to the set temp. I did have the ovens calibrated when I first got the range and in the beginning I was heavily reliant on some oven thermometers, but I have since found that dial settings are pretty accurate within the accepted range. I actually think that the ovens hold their heat more consistently reliably than my friends' Wolf and Electrolux ovens because my doors are heavier and better insulated.

By the way, I do a lot of baking (where, unlike roasting, consistent temperature really matters). I find the electric oven to be particularly great when baking, to the point where I don't even bother to turn cakes 180 degrees midway through baking (though I do turn cookies, but I think that's mostly out of habit!).

Have fun, whatever you decide.

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Finally ordered my new LaCanche today. It is the Cluny 1400 - Provencial Yellow, with the french plate. I am very excited about it. Hope I am able to master it, since I have been cooking forever on a Jenn Aire that is so basic it makes cooking boring. Thanks for all the information.

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I am trying to choose between a La Canche Citreaux and a Chagny.
We have 4 kids so I roast a lot,braise a lot, bake simply. Why is a gas oven so great? Am thinking convection electric might be a better choice for the big oven in the Citreaux, the Chagny doesn't offer a convection option, is a gas oven worth giving up convection?

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Has your cluny arrived? Are you thrilled to be cooking on it?

Thanks and Cheers.


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It has been so long since I have looked at this thread, would you believe my Cluny is being stored at AC....My remodel on phase I of my home has taken way longer than we thought so as soon as it is finished I will have room to store it myself. I was in hopes to cook Christmas dinner on it but it doesn't look that way. Remodeling has to be the hardest task I have ever taken on. All the folks at AC have been so super and supportive, can't say enough good things about them. I will post as soon as it arrives, and thank you for asking.

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I know people get occasionally irritated with re-boosting older posts, but we're teetering on the edge of considering Lacanche ranges, so I'm curious to know how you like your Lacanche Cluny one year on, winesnob?

Or are you still mired in the remodel, horrors?!

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Our Cluny 1400 is more like 5 years old. Still love it, despite all the above regarding the range(yup, simmer too high, yup, the old burners can go out if set too low and blow up the house, nope, we haven't done it yet and a simmer plate is key, yup oven racks hard to slide, ovens small). Given all of that, you'd still have to pry this range out of my cold dead hands. It is just such a wonderful piece of work. Ultra simple, lots of BTU's, and still gorgeous after all these years. Makes a statement that nothing short of a La Cornue could top. (Sorry, old photo before backsplash went in. Have to take new pix someday!)

This is pure unadulterated ego, but we have gotten to know Kevin Gillespie (former Top Chef finalist, author of newly released cookbook Fire in My Belly) and EJ Hodgkinson, who took over as Executive Chef at Kevin's former restaurant, Woodfire Grill. They do lots of charity events, get to cook all the time on the usual Wolfs and Vikings, and the only range that they ask about ("when can we come over and cook in your kitchen?") is our LC.

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I had a standard cluny with two gas ovens for 3 years and loved it. I never had a problem with the simmer burner going out. I can't say enough good things about the stove and what A pleasure it was to cook on. I had two gas ovens and loved them. Living without a broiler was never a problem for our cooking style and even when we lost power in the country I had full use of the stove.
I like the Lacanche so much I am now planning on getting a sully.

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Hi Mainedr - Are you getting a bigger kitchen to go with the bigger stove? What color Sully have you selected? Please tell us everything...not much going on GW lately w/ the Lancanche and some of us would love to hear about it. Thanks

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