Bill Vincent - Trying to avoid being ripped off. Advice please!

hobokenkitchenAugust 30, 2012

We have been through the ringer with our GC who has basically taken most of our money and left us with a ripped to shreds house.

We have managed to patch together the kitchen more or less (no backsplash or finishes yet, but it works), but we've been left with a completely gutted bathroom.

The quotes we are getting in are awful as I guess everyone knows we have no choice but to do it as it's not like it can stay gutted forever.

Around what should it cost to redo a bathroom? Basically all the plumbing needs to move - nothing in the same place.

Tile is porcelin for the floor(12 x 12s on the diagonal)

Porcelin on the side walls in a brick pattern and glass subway tiles on the back walls.

The bathroom is 17' x 6' so really not that big.

Bill do you travel to do bathrooms? I'm really only half joking- I'm getting desperate!

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Around what should it cost to redo a bathroom? Basically all the plumbing needs to move - nothing in the same place.

That's actually a pretty good size bathroom. Being that it's gutted already, I'd figure give or take about $12-15K, including all fixtures and materials. You can save a BUNCH of money by getting your own toilet, tub, vanity, and sink, especially if you hit the box stores. Then, get a plumber to rough in the plumbing and an electrician to rough in the electrical. Once that's all done, it's not rocket science to hang sheetrock, although you may or may not want to get a pro to tape and sand it for you. Before I go any further, how handy are you, or your family members?

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We have purchased the toilet, tub and tile so far. Would fully expect to pay for the vanity and fixtures also.

The quotes we are getting start around what you suggested and go up much higher, without fixtures included.

One quote was for $23,000 and we supply the electrician!!! That guy was obviously smoking something interesting. ; )

Sadly we are not handy. In fact we're pretty useless although we are making an effort to improve. We also have a newborn (the GC debacle happened while I was very heavily pregnant) which definitely makes things harder.

I have read about the pre fab mud base/ shower floor which I think would be the hardest part and I know we want concrete board in the wet areas and green board everywhere else, but how to put it up is a whole different thing!

So that's a no on the travel? Lol. ; )

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I'm not Bill and I'm not sure if this is helpful but we're currently redoing a 7 X 10 bathroom for 14K not including fixtures/tile. We're replacing the tub & vanity but keeping the existing toilet. A wall is being removed, three new windows, door & ventilation being put in. The only plumbing staying in place is the shower tub. This includes demo. We're in CT.

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Definitely helpful, thanks.
I have to say I was thinking around $10,000 would be reasonable - preferably a bit below that.
We don't need windows or doors, but no plumbing is staying where it is - it all needs to move.

Ugh I wish this hadn't happened this way! : (

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hobokenkitchen, I assume you are in hoboken?

Try calling Rob Anavim of BLRJA Construction. He is really great, honest and does good work. He's a GC and he takes responsibility for all his subs.

I'll try to post his number later, but you can also google it if you want to do ASAP.

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The numbers I posted were with everything included-- INCLUDING all fixtures and tile.

As for the travel, if I weren't already so busy here, I might take you up on it. But I've got so much local work, I couldn't even think of traveling right now. Even my sister, who's a commercial project manager for a tile company in Connecticut, asked me to come down and do some work for her company, and I had to turn her down, too.

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Bill, darn it - I'm disappointed! Well if we can't afford to have it done this year I might ask again next year!

We were in Hoboken, now in Bucks County, PA.

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So the prices you got are basically just for labor then?

I am in jersey also and paid about 6-7k, maybe less (labor only). That said, we didn't hire a general contractor for the whole job. I hired a plumber, electrician, tile guy, painter, and sheetrock guy was one of the installers recommendations and cost peanuts. My bathroom reno was pretty straight forward even though it involved moving plumbing. We did the demo ourselves and also installed our own cement board, though I don't think that would add a substantial cost to the labor bill.

It took longer of course, but I feel that in the end we saved and were able to get really great work out of all the individuals.

of course most of the time cost of labor is related to the quality. Get several quotes.. look at their work. weed out the top and the bottom.

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Might know someone in bucks county. Let me shoot off an email and make sure.

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twn85 - mainly labor and 'behind the walls' materials as well as cement board/ green board and wet bed.

I am getting to the stage where we might try and do the same thing if I can find a decent and reasonably priced plumber. Already have a good electrician.

Bill, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Specifically we're in New Hope,PA.

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Hobokenkitchen: Just to give some ball park figures...
We are about 2 wks in our masterbath renov,the room is 11'x 13' w separate water closet. We expanded our shower by breaking into a half hall closet. The new shower is 42"x60" and installed a solar tube for light. The room was partially before the GC started, and was demolished to the studs by the GC...his price not including fixtures I purchased the vanity, tile,toilet and tub. The quote was 19K. There were some plumbing changes but drains remained in there existing place, we re-routed a/c vents and other wall vents to accomidate a recess med cabinet. He has done a good amount of electrical work including a new line or dedicated line for hairdryers, all new high hats, couple new outlets and outlets inside the med cabinet. New sheetrock,sub floorings
My tile layout is pretty extensive and I'm using travertine, it goes around the room about half way of wall. Not to mention he is modifying a antique vanity drawer to be our bathrm vanity, so I'm sure that is going to be a pain in the butt.
I'm located in southern Monmouth county in New Jersey.
I thought my quote was high but now I'm seeing all the work being done, I think my quote was fair maybe a bit high. But he came very highly recommended, and he is doing a nice job, and working every day 8-5pm. I'll see more when the tile job starts.

Unfortunately I think were we live, we tend to pay a bit more...Bill's guestimate sound about right to me.

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I am up to about 25K in our master bath. In these homes of a certain era the huge master bath was all the rage. It was new construction 15 years ago with the gigantic whirlpool tub with cultured marble everywhere, bright brass fixtures and CARPET in the entire space even in the water closet. We had a leaking shower which started us on this journey and one thing led to another and ended up ripping out the shower, flooring, toilet and the counter tops, lighting fixtures and taking down the old wallpaper.

A franchise company who advertises heavily in our area did the travertine floor with radiant heat, new shower floor, walls, glass enclosure, set the new toilet and new tub and did all tear out and plumbing charged us $16,700. But we supplied the toilet, granite countertops, tub, faucets, sinks, paid separately for the cabinet painting and new hardware and for the wallpaper to be taken down and repainted. That is where the other 7K came in. I wish I had found GW first to see all the beautiful bathrooms before we let them have at it.

I just had someone come in to frame out the mirrors which were still there from the old bathroom, another $1500. I would have much rather hired a carpenter to add trim around the mirror but just couldn't find anyone to do it. I know I paid way too much. I will be honest and say that I do get a lot of compliments on the bathroom but if I had known that in the end I was going to spend this much I would have hired a K&B that could have helped me with finishes and perhaps avoided some costly and disappointing results. I must also admit that the freestanding tub with the British type of faucet was $3200 of the 7K we paid for the fixtures and fittings and also of that $1200 was for painting the existing cabinetry and adding end panels and for crystal door/drawer knobs.

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Hobokenkitchen, I live up the river in Lumberville and can give you a few names. I just had my plumber come out last week because we had to replace our well pump, and he gave me the name of someone who does wall board and tile work. I know someone else who could do your whole job, but he's probably busy until November. I don't see an option to send you an email. Did you sign up for that?

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Ok, I think I activated the email option. Thanks!

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Sorry-- this guy isn't getting back to me for some reason. Hopefully, chickadee will give you someone good.

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I just saw a commercial, there is a bucks/montgomery county Home Show this weekend, with free admission, in Warminster. It's a little far from New Hope, but not that far. It's at the SMG Sports complex. I think that's off of York road, in a shopping center, near Archbishop Wood High School. I'm sure you can google it, or you'll see a commercial. (I was watching NBC). They should have different bathroom people there. Hope this helps!

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I sent you an email. 'Hope you get it.

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