Combo oven for the slightly spacey?

Kim LadinJuly 9, 2013

Planning a remodel, and I'd like to replace my second wall oven with a combo microwave/normal oven, but I'm a bit confused by all the different micro/convection/thermal/light choices out there.

I DON'T need or want a new cooking paradigm. I don't need to speed cook. I just want a single unit that will replace my trusty countertop microwave (used for basic tasks like heating leftovers, melting butter, and popping corn) as well as my trusty old wall oven (used for everything from broiling fish to roasting fowl to baking cakes).

I'm concerned that if I get one of these fancy new combination ovens, I'll have to learn a whole new way of cooking. And I just don't think I have room for that in my brain.

Any suggestions?


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My sister has a double oven unit where one oven is conventional and the other is a mw.

The MW busted about 4 years ago. She thought it was too expensive to repair but did not want to replace the entire unit because the conventional oven still worked. So she bought a full size clutter creating countertop mw. I think that is fairly typical. Heat rises. The heat rises from a conventional oven and heats MW electronics for a prolonged time and they break,

If you buy two units you can replace as they break.

If you place the MW BELOW the oven the heat generated by the MW will do nothing to the conventional wall oven. This is a Wolf wall oven, Wolf MW drawer, and then Wolf warming drawer.

You can do this much cheaper using a Sharp brand microwave drawer below another brand single wall oven.

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