Storing passwords in an email

maire_cateApril 15, 2011

I hope I'm asking this correctly. At home I keep my passwords and logins in a small notebook in a safe place. I used to remember the ones I used frequently but now that I change them more often that's a little too difficult.

I was wondering if it's safe to type them into an email and then move it to an email folder so that I can readily retrieve them if I'm away from home. I wouldn't include any account numbers just passwords.

I am aware there are sites that will encrypt this information but an email would be simpler - I'm just not sure it it's secure. And it's something I could share with my DH if he had to assume bill paying.

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I hide my small notebook in the office, there's plenty of safe places. My problem is remembering WHERE!

I have often wondered this but was to embarrassed to ask.

Who are we hiding them from?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

NO I would never store something like that in an email account they are too easily hacked then they have every password including access to your email address, with that they could change any password including the one to your email and lock you out of everything. Much to risky.

I keep a notebook with all of mine in a very secure location. It can be a hassle and take time to look them up but I prefer to take those extra few seconds for my security.

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In my case, while I do have a printed copy of all my passwords (for email, message boards, Amazon, etc.) I also have two online copies, one of which is at my Hushmail account. Hushmail has full-time SSL for its webmail and it has the option of encrypting messages, so I simply encrypted my password list. (And in all those places I sometimes only have a password hint instead of the actual password.)

I also use the LastPass extension with FF for actually logging in for many of them, so LP will also store a local copy. (LP is great because it's hard to remember -- or manually type each time -- 30+ character passwords.)

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Similar, but different.

There is a promotion that prior to traveling to send yourself an e-mail with your driver's license number, your hospitalization number, and the account numbers of the credit cards you chose to take along with their 1-800 numbers. The cardholders name, the expiration dates, and the backside security codes are not to be included. The e-mail subject used is something generic.

The thought is if while away something negative happens to your purse/wallet a remedy is quite handy. All you need is a secure Internet connection.


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Maybe open a small picture.jpg with a text editor.
Go to the end of the data and put your secret info there.
rename and save it as a picture.jpg

mail it to your online account ? upload to dropbox or whatever

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I like it. Are you CIA or KGB? :)


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

hahahaa that is a pretty creative idea. should we call you James Bond LOL

I store a lot of my stuff online at Adrive they provide a lot of storage free and you can then access it from any pc anywhere. Just have to remember the password to your Adrive account.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the sites mentioned and try to pick the simplest.

I do appreciate your advice.

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