BS gas connection: Before I bug my GC again...

brightmJuly 18, 2014

...which is it?

Is the + sign where the gas shut off should be? Or is it just saying that that's where it connects to the range, and they will put some kind of a line from where the gas shut off is up to there so as long as it's somewhere back there, it's okay?

I have to go out and around the house to get into the kitchen right now, but from memory, where they have the shut off is about where the arrow tip is by the 5" above the pic of the outlet.

Warning: This will not be the last worry that I have this weekend when no progress will be made on the kitchen. :)


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There are some old post about where to put the shutoff - I posted that in the link, there are some good photos showing the back of the range- based on those, I had the plumber run the gas up from the floor, and put in a 90 degree angle at the floor - so the gas is running horizontally, and put the shut off there. We then put a flex connector, and that goes up the back of the range along the left side in an open channel, and connects where it says rear gas supply box. From the dimension on right hand side of the left drawing, you see you have 3 inches of clearance below the stove, so the line and shut off can not be any higher than that, though as long as it is below that, the actual location is not critical. Where did you get those drawings, when I bought my RNB last year, I looked and couldn't find anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: install photos

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Thanks. Ugh. I think this will need to be moved. It's about 8-10" off the floor towards the right side of the back of the range. No bueno. Luckily the plumber has some sink work to do still.

It's in the pdf of the Installation, Care, and Use manual on the BS site.

Here is a link that might be useful: third pdf

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Both gas shutoff and electrical outlet should be within the 3" space below the range. Gas closer to left, and elec. to thr right. From the shutoff, a flex hose connects via the chase on the rear of range (shown by dotted lines)

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