Advise - Need to select new bathroom paint tonight!

piscesgirlAugust 26, 2013

Also posted this on the paint boards, but I know a lot of you folks have painted marble bathrooms so figured I would post here too!

Having a heck of a time with paint color for master bathroom. Every time I think I have a color I like I then see it at another time in the day and I hate it.

We want a "greige" color (beige/grey) leaning more toward the beige than the grey. We don't want anything with a blue, green, or purple undertone.

Colors I like during day looks green at night, colors I like at night look blush during day. Had to pick a color this weekend (day) for contractor and in a rush selected Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige. Contractor painted it today and we saw it tonight and we hate it...husband says he wants it of the wall ASAP and says it looks like Hydroban or greenboard.

Does anyone have any color recommendations? Husband wants Revere Pewter, but I am concerned it may be too dark. Looked also at Edgecomb Grey but during the day it had a blush undertone. I am so lost.

Need to figure something out tonight if possible so contractor can repaint tomorrow and we don't delay the job. Ugh!

Bathroom details:
- Small 7.5'x7' bathroom.
- Lighting: One window, Cree soft white LED lights & 2 sconces
- Calcatta marble floor & countertop
- white ceramic subway shower with glass walls
- 82" espresso cabinet running length of one wall
- White wainscotting around remaining room. (so color paint will be in very small area of the room

Wish we had time to test many samples, but we don't so suggestions are much appreciated.

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We used SW Threshold Taupe and like it.

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We also have new LED lights in the new bath and it was very difficult to find good paint color. Ours is a soft white temperature as well and makes things more greenish than they actually are. We ended up going with AF 60 from BM's affinity although AF 15 also looked good. I would say they are more beige and not so much gray though.

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I am trying to match my marble to a paint. I am looking at BM. I wanted Revere Pewter but it doesn't look good with the marble, in my book. I did not want Gray Owl, but it looks good with all the elements, darn. It is lighter than the Revere Pewter too, which is a need, as my room is sort of dark. I have walnut planned for the cabinets, a darkish porcelain stone look for the floor with blues browns, greens, and grays in it. Then I have a Carrara marble for the counter. I will have a marble look alike in the shower. Anyway the Gray Owl is the only one that looks perfect, darn it, as it reads a bit blue. I thought I wanted something warmer but it doesn't want to go with the marble very well. I also have a BM Collingwood sample, it is not as intense as Revere Pewter and not as bluish as Owl Gray. I really like the Collingwood and it is not out of the running. I want to get my walls up, prime the place, then make my final decision. I am a slob, so I will paint most of the room before the tile, and cabinets go in. I just did a search for Collingwood to provide a swatch and came up with a blog site that shows Collingwood, Gray Owl, and Moonshine. All multiple pictures taken throughout the day and artificial lighting. I am liking the Gray Owl in these images. It is not mixed in BM base but Olympic. But I will link it, as it might be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Going Gray

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Our countractor gave me another day to decide on paint colors, so today I ran to BM and purchased samples of Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Grey and panted some foam posterboard as samples. I also grabbed a bunch of samples of CW-45 York Grey. I was going to grab a sample of that as well, but he swatch looked very close to our original Tapestry Beige so I decided not to spend another $7 for a sample.

I realized I had to cover the walls with white craft paper because the green tone to the Tapestry Beige was completely throwing me off....or at least that is what I thought.

ikea_gw, you are totally right....once I throw on the LED lights all colors seem gain a green hue. Ugh! At least the Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Grey are not seeming overly "green".

enduring, I have seen the colors you are mentioning. They go well but are too "grey" for the look we want. Since we have calacatta we can pull out more of the warmer tones.
Looking at the three colors on the wall I think I could live with any of them. I think right now I am between the Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Grey (although that may be because they are the larger of the samples). My concern is whether Revere will be darker than what I want for the room.

It was starting to get dark outside, but I have attached a picture of the wall without lights.

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And here is a picture of the samples with the lights on. See how the tone changes to a greener tone. You can see the remaining Tapestry Beige on the window wall, which looks down right green.

Funny thing is in all the pictures on Houzz, these two colors range from a warm "greige" to almost a purple/blush hue....and ours has a green odd.

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how about the BM Iced Cube Silver or Barren Plain.

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We used BM Wish. It is a light gray, not beige, but looks wonderful with our carrara marble countertops. We also have led lights and I dont see color changes or undertones.....but I may just be less color sensitive. Give it a try. A color consultant helped me select it. They also sell those big square color samples of t it. Good luck.

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Is the Edgecomb on the right? The one on the right is not seeming as greenish as the left sample. Your right sample is more like my sample of Revere Pewter now that I look at them. I think the warmer colors will work better for your Calacatta then with my Carrara marble. Is your floor Calacatta? The floor looks nice with either of your samples, in your picture. My thought with the 2 large samples you have, is that if you want the wall to be neutral in the scheme, then the one on the right is what I like. If you want more punch and contrast then the one on the left, because it really pulls the darker tones from the floor.

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Thanks enduring. you are right...the Edgecomb Grey is on the right and that is what we went with. Picked it up this morning. I will know what it looks like when I get home from work. I wanted to see what the color was like in bright sunlight, but it has been raining here for days and the painter needed the paint, so I had to just bite the bullet. Fingers crossed it works.

We are already in over $134 just for the wall paint when you consider the first gallon was a loss, 2 samples and now the 2nd gallon of I hope this does the trick. Good thing is the lady at the pant store said they can tweak it to another color I like so I may be able to use the paint for another small room if I can make a color work.

I do like the Revere Pewter a lot, although in the end I was concerned it was too dark for such a tiny room and had a slight greenish hue at times with our LEDs. We will be installing calacatta marble in our hall bath and I think we may use the Revere Pewter in there. I held up a tile from that lot (different lot than our masterbath marble) and it goes really well.

Again. Thanks for all the tips. So hard to find that right "greige" that isn't too grey and has the right undertones.

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Can't wait to see the new paint. Be sure to post picture and let us know the details :) What you like or don't like about it.

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