We sure met our dedutible for insurance early this year...

dirtundermyfingersJanuary 27, 2011

Well we made it through Tuesday (Surgery day) Hudson had tubes put back in, his tonsils and adnoids removed. It is funny how little ones bounce back, but starting last night I can tell it was starting to bother him. It is hard to keep him quiet with a 3 year old brother that wants to play football or trains all the time. They said he lost less than a teaspoon of blood during the procedure. Will be a long week making sure he doesn't over do things.

Got good news about Rhiannon, she gets her cast off next Thursday. It is hard to believe that on Monday it has been 6 weeks that she has had it on. She has been a real trooper about it. She does have to wear a walking cast/boot but will be an improvement from a thigh high cast.

Dans surgery went well, was a little more work than they first though. He has 3 inch splints in each nostril from where they set his nose. They cleaned out the upper sinuses, When they went to remove the uvula and tonsils they had to take out quite a bit of soft palete matterial. There was also extra tissue around the tonsils that they removed. He is feelin ok, with the pain meds but when they wear off he is in a lot of pain. They want him to stay off work for 10 days, he might go in and check on things (he is a computer teacher and AD) I feel to bad for him and the pain, but I know it will help. His blood sugars were going crazy, up to 575 at one point so that is another issue to take up.

So this mama is enjoying a little quiet and hoping and praying to make it through the next week and a half.

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I hope for your sake Stacie that your husband heals quickly.


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He is doing pretty good considering, the pain meds are keeping the pain under control, and he mostly sleeps which is good for him to get better.


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Amen to that, Ann T.


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Wow, you've certainly got your hands full! I hope everyone heals up quickly and life gets back to normal soon.


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