Editing a scanned document

abbey_cnyApril 22, 2013

I have a document scanned into my computer, but I never realized I needed additional software in order to edit the document. Apparently I need an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program. Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced OCR program for an IMAC? I am running version 10.6.8 of MAC OS X.


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When you scan a document in it's just scanned in as a JPEG. Some scanners come with free basic OCR software, I think all HPs scanners I have had did.

Years ago we spent a lot on read iris pro I think it was when I had to do a bunch of stuff for my husband but I found it a pain and it made mistakes and I could type much faster than fiddling with the program to edit. Hopefully things have changed now and someone can reccomend a good one. With any luck it will have a free sample so you can try before you buy. Mary

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My Cannon scanner came with Textbridge (in 1999) which did a decent job on the rare occasion that I used it.
There's a freeware version out, Textbridge Classic, which I haven't used.

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I don't know if this is related or not, but thought I would post it anyway. My W 7 came with word and I had always used works, so I had a lot to learn. One of the things was copy and pasting from a web site, I couldn't not edit it. One item was a list of books from a web site. The list took up 3 pages of double spaced titles and I could not edit it to one page. I googled and found the solution. When you paste in word there are 3 options, I chose A which was "text only". That way the formatting is not pasted with the document and I could edit the pages. I ended up with two columns, single spaced on one page.

You might try copy and pasting your document to another page and try that option if you have it.

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That works only if you have already typed up the document but I think they are talking about documents that were not previsously typed up in a computer so are not saved in word or anything to edit. I much prefer MS word over works for typing up documents. We had works ages ago then had to get MS office when we had XP so I got more used to word now but we could use a newer version of office since ours is very outdated. Mary

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Yes,the document wasn't previously in my computer. . Apparently my scanner doesn't have the OCR software which would enable me to edit the document. Perhaps it is time to get a new scanner. Thanks for the info.


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I would try some samples of OCR programs first and not just get a new scanner that comes with it. You might find it's more of a pain to use than it's worth. When I had to do stuff for my husband years ago he couldn't understand why I didn't like fiddling with the program and correcting all the mistakes when I could just as easily type it up from scratch myself. I can type pretty fast and accurate. That was my best subject in high school on a manual type writer at that, he he. Mary

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My Canon printer/scanner came with an additional OCR program. When I have something that needs OCR I open the OCR program and scan through that. In the 5 yrs. IâÂÂve had the printer/scanner I think I have used the OCR less than a dozen times. I wouldnâÂÂt by a new scanner just for the OCR, but when you are in the market for a printer/scanner look for one that has an OCR program bundled with it.

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Take a look at the attached website link for a free OCR service. You upload an image file to the website (it works with many including PDF and JPG) and it does the OCR bit and produces a file for you to download. You can choose among Word, Excel, or txt formats for the download.

It seems to work pretty well. As the site is a bit cryptic as to who is behind the service, I personally would avoid uploading anything with identifiable personal information. But I do think it's legit and for very occasional use, probably very satisfactory for most people.

Here is a link that might be useful: OCR website

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