Plates and Bosch Dishwashers - Picture Thread

whirlpool_traineeJuly 18, 2012

I decided to take some pictures of our old Bosch loaded with plates. Initially, I took those pics because I looked at manuals from traditional US dishwashers with their Sea-Of-Tines lower racks and wondered how many plates one could fit in there. Looking at manuals, it seemed like 15 or so plates and the rack is full. Some manuals also suggested to overlap plates or tilt them forward, which seemed strange to me. Therefore, I decided to load the Bosch up with just plates - and the cutlery basket, since our model is from 2006 and the cutlery rack was still patented to Miele at that time - if I remember correctly.

So this is the empty lower rack. I think this is also what you get with some current American Bosch offerings like the 800 Plus Series. There is a cup rack in the back and a wire holder to accommodate two rows of stemware on the lower rack with the tines folded halfway down. You can see that the front row is spaced further apart for deep plates.

Here, I loaded regular dinner plates in the back section and deeper plates in the front one. The colorful plates to the right are thick earthenware and you can see they do tilt forward a little. Yet, there's still enough clearance in between them to get cleaned.

Switched them around and the same thing becomes apparent: the soup plates do tilt a little but the colored ones now have plenty of space in between them.

With the cutlery basket in there.

And this is probably the most I can fit in there.


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Very helpful visual, Alex. Thanks for taking the time to illustrate this!

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Can we get pics with bowls?

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and how about the second rack? I think i've mastered the lower rack and cutlery rack but still struggle with the middle one. Thanks for pics. I put the skinny plates in the back too. I never use the cutlery basket. Does anyone use it if they the third tray (upper cutlery rack)?

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Well, this dishwasher is a my parent's house and I don't live there anymore. The pics were actually taken in April 2011... But tell me what you'd like and I'll see what I can do. Stay tuned. :-)

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Very cool but who has - and uses - 37 plates at one time? My issues are with odd shaped things and bigger bowls and jars. And smaller items like cat food bowls and measuring cups. They end up all over the machine. I found a baby bottle top holder thingy that I put cat food lids and small containers in. It helps some.

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I have only used the dishwasher about a dozen times but each time i am getting better at loading it... i could wait a few more days and wash more but i tend to wash sooner.

For me i don't seem to have any issues i have been washing milk bottles with tiny openings and they come out cleaner than ever, i do cutlery, bowl bowls bowls (have to angle em or the bases collect water) and plates and other dishes.

Whirlpool_trainee: lets see some random load pics (if you have any)

I think my tines are a bit different than the dw pictured.

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Agree with oregpsnow. I had an old kitchen aid that would fit serving platters, large bowls, cereal bowls, anything that was odd shaped. My Bosch doesn't. I can't put serving dishes easily, and the only place my cereal bowls fit is on the first rack with the glasses. I've tried putting them below, but it just doesn't work. They are either too tight, or end up lying flat and take up more than one spot. Not happy with it at all.

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Hey, all! I'll do a video of bowls shortly. I just got a Bosch dishwasher myself. So happy!

Sure, here are some random pics (click on them) for now:

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We already have a thread showing different Bosch DW interiors:

Images of Bosch dishwasher interiors. - should probably keep all of these in one place.

Bosch seems to have about 10 different rack designs they're currently using. Some have a lower rack that loads most plates widthwise rather than lengthwise as shown here, and some have either less or more space between pegs/tines.

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Wow! Impressive pics of loading that Bosch whirlpool trainee! And they came out clean also!

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