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olivertwistkitchenJuly 14, 2012


I am interested in some four-door French Door fridges and am comparing 4 models: one KitchenAid and three Samsungs. I am comparing the fresh food capacity and the freezer capacity. But every website has totally different numbers for the same Samsung models. I checked sears, pcrichard, best buy, ajmadison and Samsung websites and they are all different! Which is right? Are there different ways to measure? thanks.

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And I thought it was just me.

Getting even more picky, the Samsungs are two doors and two drawers even though the company marketing flacks are abusing the language by calling them four doors.

Seems to me that most of maker capacity measurements are fibs, to begin with, Once upon a time, not so long ago, makers just used different model numbers for the fridges they sold through, say, sears and those they sold through other retailers. So, Sears might get the Samsung RF260xxxxx while, say, Lowe's might get the idnetical fridge with slightly differnt model nmber, RF263xxxxx. It occured to me that Samsung might be dropping that pretense.

Just to complicate things even further (and really annoy those of us who pay attention), pretty much all of the advertised capacity measurements are bogus, in any event. It seems as though the makers compute dimensions by taking the depth from the back of the door bins to the back wall and multiply it bieght and width of the interior capacity and then measure the door shelving capacity by by taking the depth of the deepest door rack/container and multipling it by the dimensions of the door. In other words, they double counted, and never mind any deductions for for shelves and bins. For as long as I can remember, Consumer Reports has been doing its own measurements of capacity which usually turn out to be about 30% less than claimed capacities. This has not dissuaded makers from enlarging their fibs.

Can you tell I've been shopping for a new fridge?

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Ugh. The Samsungs: one is 25.5 total cubic feet, the other two are BOTH 28 cubic feet. From the picture, it looks like the only difference is that one has an LCD screen on it, but on some websites, the fresh food capacity in the 28 cubic foot model without the LCD is MUCH less than the one with the LCD. In fact, it's even less than the 25 footer. Can't be!

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I have an friend who used to work in product design and we were discussing the disparity in size and even more important the actual useable size. For instance you might have a half inch space underneath a knob, just enough to allow you to turn it. Other than a couple of slices of cheese what else can reasonably be stored there?

His comment was imagine they filled the refrigerator with water - that would suffice to state overall volume. But obviously not all that space can be used - unless you store 2 pounds of sliced cheese all over the unit.

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