Windows 8 Removing Apps, Control Panel?

jerry_njApril 3, 2013

I just received my new Gateway 17.3" laptop and just have it running/activated.

I'd like to remove the factory apps I am not interested in, such as Norton. But I can't find the Control Panel, the old "Windows" key just takes me to the W8 tiles. I assume there is a control panel under there somewhere, and that is still how to uninstall software.

So far I think I can in general move to W8 using my XP/W7 experience, as when I click on the DeskTop tile it takes me to the W7-like desktop and W8 puts my installed apps in the lower tool bar, e.g., Explorer and File was already there and when I installed Firefox, an icon appeared in the tool bar, just I I would like.

This is a work in progress, learning W8, but I looks like the path forward raises only a few stumbling blocks I'll learn to live with, or better, use. I already miss the "Start" offerings, such as string search, and control panel. I hope to find both are just a click away, must be buried in the tiles of W8.

I like too the 17.3" screen, I can now see what I'm typing without glasses when the screen is at arm's length - as it is when used as a laptop.

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I can't answer your question but wanted to say congratulation on your new purchase. I think I would enjoy the challenge of W 8, but not under the pressure of needing to learn and get things done right away. I enjoyed learning the other OSs. I am still thinking about buying an all in one to play with.

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The new PC also has a faster processor, but not the latest, it is a AMD Dual-core E1-1200. The clock speed is about the same as the W7 Toshiba I have, about 3 years old. But, either or both the Dual-core and W8 sure loads my browser a lot faster. I may find other goodies, I think the W8 boots faster too.

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Move your cursor to the very top right until you see the charm bar appear. On the top charm, the search icon, click it and a search bar will appear. Type in "Control Panel", and it will appear on the left. You can also pin it to the task bar with the right click - recommended - (see options in the bottom lighter blue ribbon when you right click) Otherwise, left click and CP will open.

Follow those directions to find anything you need in Win8.

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Yes, Win8 boots a lot faster than 7. Once you learn the workings of 8, you will enjoy it. Most people don't care to learn a new OS, so off the bat, they hate it. Once you are set up with all your icons on the task bar and/or desktop, it basically operates like Win7 or older versions.

Important: Don't forget to make a system image backup since no OS disk comes with Win8 computers.

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Win 8 you can make a to back up all your desktop program installs and then use the Refresh new feature to reinstall windows - almost just like you had it - but fresher,

I get to control panel from the desktop bottom left corner, right click and a menu pops up. Control Panel, Device Manager, add/remove ... some of other the more popular items.

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A clerk told me that a new computer with a slower speed processor will work faster than the older version made for higher speed. I didn't really believe him, maybe it's true.

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Thanks, the usual (expected, but thanks) excellent help from all. The Gateway load comes with a backup icon on the "desktop", but I'll also look at the suggestions in this thread. Is one DVD enough to create the backup/recovery disks? I recall needing several for W7, done a few years back, and I did use the recovery disk a couple of times.

I believe Norton is blocking me installing Thunderbird, I gave up thinking when the good friends tell me how to get the control panel I'll uninstall Norton and then try to install Thunderbird.

On that subject, can I port my Bookmarks (Firefox) and Folders (Thunderbird) from my W7 to W8 by Installing first on W8, then coping folders from the W7 to overwrite in W8?

My Toshiba W7 64 Bit has a 1.6 GHz processor, I think the new Gateway has a 1.4 GHz, I can check but not on that machine at the moment. But the Gateway is the next gen, i.e., a so called dual-core. That may mean it is more like my old processor running at 2.8 GHz... then too W8 may be an improvement.

Downloading I continue to be amazed at the size of programs, Mozilla and Avira all over 100 megabytes. Of course, I come from the days when a hard drive of 10 megabytes was good.

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Debi, I haven't had a pc that comes with the reformatting CD's in years. The minute I set my PC up and get the numbers I need I order them. The cost is low compared to paying someone and I am the odd one that doesn't mind doing a reformat even with the 98 windows updates.

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