Refrigerator Door Not Closing Flat

gellerJuly 14, 2013

We have a 3-yr old GE Monogram bulit-in frig. The frig door does not stay totally closed - we close it, and then it gradually opens about 1" past the freezer door. We had GE service yesterday, and he replaced the door spring, wiped the gasket and lubed it with vaseline. He did not have a new gasket. It did not change the situation. He said that we probably did not need a new one and the gasket should gradually heal itself and the frig door will close all the way after 2 wks. I think this is mumbo-jumbo and that we need a new gasket.

On the other hand, the gasket is pretty intact and does not look damaged. The only thing I can see is that it does not compress down as much on the outside of the door as the inside, which could push the door open. I have read on other forums that one can reform a gasket by heating up with a heat gun. I was thinking of trying to compress the gasket with that technique. Any ideas?

One thing for sure is that GE service is horrible.

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When did this problem start?
Initial closing which quickly clamps any ref door shut is a function of the air inside contracting upon closure which creates low pressure inside as it is quickly re-cooled. This usually lasts several minutes at least and makes the door hard to open until slight slow leakage equalizes the internal and external air pressure.
The first thing you might try as an experiment is to close the door very slowly (1 or 2 minutes) over the last half inch or so and then monitor it to see if there is any change in the problem.
Good luck!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

We had a Frigidaire that didn't close, but we figured out it was my fault. All by myself, I came up with the brainy idea to put one of those plastic drawers on a shelf to contain small things. BUT, sometimes it stuck out too far, and prevented the door from closing. Mostly it was fine, just now and then....

Are you sure your fridge is level? That could be a problem too.

Good luck!

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Even if we push the door all the way closed, it slowly comes back out. So it is not likely an air pressure issue. And the frig is level.

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