Question re: washer dryer install in cabinet

kwscookJuly 10, 2012

We're relocating our washer/dryer to the kitchen (getting rid of our laundry room entirely - such a waste of space in our house!), and are having a cabinet built around it. I'm totally confused with the installation, and hope someone can help.

The cabinet maker would like to install the cabinet before the w/d are installed. That makes sense to me, so he can properly affix the cabinet to the walls and floor. BUT, we are using a telescoping vent so we can have as little space as possible between the wall and w/d units. With that, I'm confused how the appliance installers will be able to hook them up if there is a cabinet on both sides, thus restricting access.

And thoughts or experiences? I'm so confused!

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You should post on the laundry forum - you'll get more help there.

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I'm also having my w/d moved from side by side to a closet (that is yet to be built). I will have my second meeting soon with my contractor and the w/d are high on my list of getting straight.
Thanks to gardenweb - can't remember which forum - probably laundry), I plan to ask for a "panel" so that the water source can be reached and examined without pulling out both machines. My contractor has already mentioned that we need to make sure there is enough room in the closet for the dryer vent (to do its thing). He looked at my set up now in the kitchen where the vent requires about 5 or six inches. This is added to the depth of the closet which will of course include the physical depth of the machine..

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The periscope vent reduces that 5"-6" to 2"-3".

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