Reporting back on Touch-Free faucet

suzanne_slAugust 4, 2014

I promised that when we installed our new American Standard Ceratronic Faucet that I would report back on how I like it. I love it! DH and I pretty much had a stare-down on this subject (and we do renos really well together, so the locked horns were unusual). I love that after using the toilet one can wash hands without moving a lever. I love having the water turn off while I do my 20 sec. hand wash, and turn back on when I'm ready to rinse. I love arriving with gunky hands from some grubby task and just sticking them under the water flow. DH isn't grumbling, so that means he's OK with the function. Yeah! We've been using this bathroom exclusively for the last week as the master bath is still under construction.

The acid test will be long term use, of course. It will also be helpful when the grandkids visit to see how that works, but meanwhile, I'm happy with this decision.

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The REAL story here is how DH and you do renos really well together! Please, what's your secret? :) The reason our one and only room in the house (DH's bathroom) hasn't been remodeled yet is the battle scars from our 2007 remodel :o

We've had Tapmasters since 2002 (kitchen remodel) and 2007 (master bath remodel). LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Not sure how yours works. No hands, no cross contamination, no mess. Touch the kick plate on the toe kick for water, release to stop the flow. The movement in one's foot is no more than a toe muscle flex (g) DH doesn't know I'm buying one for his bathroom. He'll be happy to have it but if I told him ahead of time, he'd say no. I'm hoping this will make a huge difference in how tidy his bathroom stays!

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This is a sensor faucet, so when you have you hands or cup or whatever in the path of the sensor (it's a cone shaped zone), the water comes on. Tapmaster would work too.

I think the secret to doing renos well together is that we essentially grew up together. We were 19 and 21, still in school, when we married and this is almost 44 years later. We've always done stuff together, and since we had zippo money for a lot of years, this included lots of manual labor of one sort and another. When I was getting ready to graduate, I was being encouraged to go to grad school. Even though he had landed a teaching job and taught 5th grade for a year, he said if I wanted to go for a Ph.D. he'd go to Africa with me to study primates. How's that for love? I decided it was time for a family instead. He goes to archery with me when I ask, I go to License Plate (collectors) meets with him usually. I won't go to NASCAR races, though - there I draw the line. At home, we're a team. It works for us. The kids think it's cute. When did we become cute?

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How cute! (g)

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Call me old fashioned, but every since I've been at a public washroom and the faucet didn't come on or the toilet didn't flush, I've been opposed to mixing electricity and plumbing.

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LOL, I've been around so many public washrooms with sensors that I have forgetten a few times to turn off the ones that still have handles. Funny thing...the water just kept running. I was pretty embarassed.

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