Mauve tub and commode

samismomAugust 27, 2010

I'm on a very limited budget and would like to update my bathroom. I cannot afford to change my mauve tub and commode (sink is white). What colors would look good with the mauve? I'd like to go more contemporary but haven't found a shower curtain that I like. Any ideas, pictures, ANYTHING would be appreciated. Thanks.

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My best recommendation if you're talking about a whole bathroom remodel including tile is to go with a lightish marble that has mauve or pink running through it.

See the "pink marble" here:


I think that is the best way to sort of neutralize the color while still coordinating with it... it de-emphasizes the 'hello I'm MAUVE' factor. I have seen very similar looks in 12x12 tiles at Home Depot for fairly cheap.

Gray is pretty classic with mauve, but together they're very sleepifying. You could do black or white but I think both draw attention to the mauve.

For shower curtain, how about clear? Or maybe there is some marble patterned shower curtain! Or something white or off white with a gratuitous pink/mauve print that gives the effect of not being mauve in a pronounced way.

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I wish I could find or remember where I saw this, but on one of the remodel shows on HGTV a couple of years back, someone remodeled a bathroom with vintage pink and mauve tile (maybe it was a House Hunters?). I don't remember if the fixtures were also colored.

Instead of ripping everything out, they just went with it and it turned out fantastic! They painted the walls above the tiles a teal-ish color and just did teal/mauve accents around the room and put up a large, beautiful painting with those colors. It truly looked fabulous. I say go bold with the room in terms of other colors that complement.

On the opposite end, if you're not too into saturated color, I'd go very neutral with walls/floors and then put in pops of mauve color for a more contemporary look--towels, vases, modern art with just mauve colors.

Good luck!

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I'd do what I could to de-emphasize the mauve and use things that will look good once you can afford to remove the mauve. Plan ahead.

The toilet is not too expensive to change out and can be done DIY, but the tub will be depending on if it is tiled or has a surround. You could always do the toilet first since that is out in the room more and is cheaper and just wait on the tub.
I'd use a shower curtain that will cover the tub for the most part when looking into the room. Not see through, IMHO. I think teal would make it look even more '80s-early '90s than it already does (same is true for peach, black, country blue or seafoam). If you go with gray, make it light and silvery, otherwise it gets heavy looking.

Good luck!

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I agree a light gray for the walls will be a good match for mauve and if you can find that same color in a shower curtain that would be great.

Layer your towels gray/mauve/black/white. Whenever you do replace the tub and toilet you could go with white and still keep your gray theme if you like it.

Paint and towels can do wonder!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: shower curtain

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I agree with vampiressrn about gray. We had white and mauve wall and floor tile and I just threw down a gray bath rug and gray and white towels. The gray seemed to tone down all the mauve and it didnt look like we were trying too hard to hide the mauve. The mauve and gray looked coordinated. HTH.

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