? about choosing Under-counter, built-in refrig

foodfiend_gardenerJuly 26, 2013

Only 2 more major choices to be made on appliances, and they're driving me nuts. The range hood questions I will post separately, but this one is about a small refrigerator.

We have a bar area at the end of the kitchen and, because the refrigerator will be at the opposite end of that room, we would like to install a 24" wide refrigerator to hold beer, mixers, etc.

I am a little surprised at how much they cost. I had seen the compact refrigerators for about $200, but it appears as though I have been looking at models not suitable as a built-in. Now I'm looking at Avanti, Summit, and ULine built-ins and they range from $700-1100.

I know nothing about these, does anyone have any suggestions please? It does have to be a built in unit (between 2 wood cabinets) with a stainless steel door.

Unfortunately, we only have a dialup connection and finding information is proving to be difficult (and frustrating!).

I would appreciate any help (and if you have opinions about range hoods, please go to that post as well!).

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I would drop Avanti as it is extra loud and extra repair prone. This is Chinese junk.

Summit and ULine are solid but loud.

I lean Summit though.

Unfortunately, solid and quiet is 2-3 times more expensive.

If you are willing to look at glass door beverage centers the LIebherr RU 500 is very good and quiet at about $1500 just a tad over your budget and unlike many beverage centers it does go down to 37 degrees.

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Thanks! I wondered why I wasn't given the Avanti option by either salesperson, and I guess that I now know why (even though they do sell them). I'd rather not have the glass door option (it will be difficult enough keeping the items behind my glass door cabinets neat and orderly!), and saw that the ULine 1175RS cools to 34, but the Summit FF6BSSHVLHD is about $200 less. Noise and cooling temp is now something to be considered between the brands, so I appreciate the information. :)

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Done. Because of the size of the order we were given a discount and the ULine ended up being only $300 more than the Summit we had also been considering (although well over twice what the Avanti cost) but what the heck... I'll cut back on the furniture. And, when you have a great kitchen, who needs furniture, anyway?!? :)

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