MS Security Tools...any advantage?

evenshadeApril 4, 2013

I receive a newsletter called Windows Secrets. The current issue has an article on MS's free security tools. I'm currently using MSE, Malwarebytes and Super-Anti Spyware and they have served me well. I'm usually a subscriber to the "if it ain't broke..." philosophy but security is important to me. Should I stick with what I have or is it simply a matter of personal preference? Thank you.

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Your link gives an error 404 message but I suspect it was meant to go here.

Fred Langa, the author has been around giving solid advice from way back in the stone age it seems.

Only you can decide on the benefits of expanding or changing your safety program. For myself I have had MSE since the day Microsoft released it and have been very comfortable with it.

Just this week I felt the need to run an online scan and Malwarebytes but was advised I was 81 days out of date. I make this comment just to show I do not over use Malwarebytes yet my computer stays safe enough. As long as my MSE icon stays green I am comfortable.

Of the tools mentioned in the article the only one I have never used is the MS Security Scanner.

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I'm sorry about the link, owbist...yes, that's the one I meant. I think I'll just stay on the same track I'm on now. Thanks so much for your advice.

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