So I got a Chinese Appliance,CLEANCut Dispenser

deeageauxJuly 26, 2012

I got the SS CLEANCut Paper Towel Dispenser

I had my kitchen guy install it,he did it rather quickly.

I loaded Bounty Paper Towel roll and it would not stop dispensing paper.It just kept giving me more and more paper.

Read instructions,looked at their official site for trouble shooting tips,googled for solutions. After no remedy I called them.

A person who could speak standard American English answered the phone and before I could finish describing the problem the customer service rep said it was a faulty sensor and they would ship me a new one ASAP. He asked me what color I wanted and my shipping info. Four days later I get it USPS. Installed and working like a champ.

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Ha ha deeageaux, I love following your posts. You're always on the cutting edge!

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They learn how to save money from certain American auto maker. Let customer do final QA.

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Deeageaux, can you post a picture of it installed? Do you plug it in or is it battery operated? Would love to have one but am concerned that it would look humongous in the area I am considering.

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I plugged it in behind the unit into the plugmold.

Looks like this.

IF you don't have plugmold it might look like this

This cabinet has no trim mold underneath so the top of unit is exposed

Another slick install

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Is it 304 or 430 SS? That's important to know when shopping for an electronic stainless steel touchless auto cutting paper towel dispensing appliance.

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Most of the unit is silver plastic.

Only a small amount of thin face trim is actual SS.

I put it next to my Independent hood,which I know for a fact is 304 SS, and it looks the same.

But it does not specify on the box or booklet inside.

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deeageaux, thanks for the pics. At least it doesn't hang out past the cabinets. That is also interesting about the mounting plate.

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