Left venting dryer for laundry room

Ott2July 7, 2012

I am trying to finalize my list of appliances for a new build. It seems that the standard capacity Miele washers/dryers are being discontinued? I had planned on this pair because the dryer could left vent and the door on the washer could be changed so that it could sit to the right of the dryer. I have called around to local appliance stores, and all seem to be out of the standard capacity Miele pair and are not expecting any more. One store has a display pair on hold for me until tomorrow. I am almost a year away from being able to install, so it doesn't seem right to buy right now? The sales guy was not fond of the Asko pair because of service concerns. He showed me a Whirlpool (I think) pair where the dryer had a left vent option, but the washer door could not be changed to open from the left side which would make the ergonomics awkward. I'm looking for advice. Should I try to find a Miele pair somewhere and leave them sitting in storage until ready to install around a year from now? Anyone know of another model that would be good quality, have a left venting dryer and a washer that has a door that can be opened from the left? If I have to change the laundry room to accommodate a rear venting dryer, what is the best washer/dryer FL combo? If I can make a left vent option work, DH will be very happy as we have had several venting frustrations in the past and he wants to keep the venting straight forward in this new build.


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I wouldn't buy appliances that far in advance unless you're assured that the warranty will start at installation, not delivery. If this is a new build, can't you just plan the vent for the more common case?

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I also suggest you post on the Laundry forum - you'll get more knowledgeable answers there.

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I had a similar problem.... I found that the LG dryer's vent (the 5101 version, I think) can be switched to vent from the side, and that's what I'll be going with. And, I'm also holding off to buy until I'm ready to install, because don't want the warrantee to run out before I even get the thing installed!



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