Suggestions for Tile Above Shower Module

sailormassAugust 3, 2012

Hi, folks--I've moved into a new home and one of my bathrooms has a shower unit. I've painted the bathroom Ben Moore's Honolulu Blue (long story, but I like it.

A few questions:

--Should I tile above the shower unit at all? The walls and ceiling are blueboard, not cement board.

--If I tile above the unit, should I also tile the ceiling?

--If I tile, I am considering a faux carrara marble, like Florida Tile's Galland high definition porcelain.

--If I don't do the high def porcelain, I might spring for a gray tumbled marble. Would this be too hard to keep clean and sealed?

Any other suggestions re: materials and colors are more than welcome. I've posted a picture of the shower. Thanks in advance for your help!

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It's probably not essential that you tile above the module, but I like the idea of the marble-like porcelain. It would be sleek like the shower wall, would add a little interest, and would prevent problems you might have eventually with paint peeling. (This happened to me in a previous house, and I always wished the previous owners had just taken the tile all the way to the ceiling.)

I don't think the tumbled marble would really fit the look of the shining shower walls. It would also need to be sealed, so you'd have more upkeep.

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Thanks, kmcg. I'm almost certainly going with the high-def porcelain faux carrara.

Do you think I should tile the ceiling, too? Thx.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you want tile, get rid of the shower surround and tile the shower walls too. They two do NOT combine stylistically at all. Or have the surround replaced with a taller surround.

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HI, Hollysprings--Unfortunately, I don't have the budget to nix the surround and tile the walls--I'm already having a larger tiled shower put in the master bath. Otherwise, I'd agree completely. Thx.

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I agree with holly and wouldn't bother with the expense of adding tile above a fiberglass shower insert.

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I'm sorry, but I agree with hollysprings and terriks that stylistically, tile above a fiberglass shower insert does not seem to work. What you have now looks very clean and new.

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Excellent--and thanks pricklypearcactus--I'm leaning away from tiling it right now. If the paint starts to peel, I'll revisit the question.

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