More Pictures to Share #2

slinkeyDecember 14, 2011

I was able to download a few pictures of my outside decorations to share...

Front Door - this year I added some lights to the garland and in the old wagon...Otherwise it's about the same as last year.

This is an old flexible flyer sled that I had stored in my attic. I bought it at a GS a couple yrs ago. The woman said she won it at a Church Auction and that it was 50 yrs old. The person who donated it painted the cute snowmen on it. This is the first time I'm displaying it.

Here's a brighter shot showing all the details...

Oh I forgot to tell you I bought it for just $5 !!

Here's the little red barn..

Outside picture of the house...

I'll have more pictures to share tomorrow.

I feel guilty that I haven't responded to anyone on my last post..

I promise to as soon as I catch a break in between...I have company coming tomorrow and

I'm trying to keep up with everything (baking too) before Christmas is over!!

Thanks for looking...


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Oh, looks very Christmas-y arriving at your place! Love the entrance way & esp that you 'lit up' the wagon w/pkgs this yr, too! So very pretty! Love old sleds in Winter decor & those ice skates! What a bargain on the GS sled & the snowmen painting is very cute!

The little red barn looks warm & cozy does your pics of the whole house! TFS, jane ...enjoy your company tomorrow! No've been back again! Jeanne S.

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"...enjoy your company tomorrow! No've been back again!" Ditto on this from Jeanne!

Your home looks just BEAUTIFUL. Wish I was your neighbor to look out and enjoy it each evening! What a great porch you have too!

That old sled, and the painting on it, is simply wonderful.
I can't imagine that lady wanting to sell it! But sure glad she did and you got it.

hugs, Karen

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Jane, we have missed you! So happy you are finding some time to share w/us. You are so busy and you know we understand your only one person.haha So what did you bake? I'm going to have to kick it in gear or I'll be buying more gifts than I should be for friends.

Beautiful outdoor decor. Love the lighted porch decor and deck. So festive. The wagon is so neat and the pkgs. really show up with the lights added. Your old flexible flyer sled was a wonderful find. Looks great with the added pine baughs.

Your shed is a nice scene too. The spot lights really show it off. Another sled down there too.Fun!

I haven't decorated a tree on our deck for a few years now so enjoyed seeing yours. I didn't even put out a wreath this year. It's nice here now but to late to decorate more this year. So glad so many of you are posting so many lovely pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your company today. Bet they loved seeing all your Christmas decorations.


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A shed, a sled, and a front door that's red!!
What a fun, festive display.

My Flexible Flyer was my childhood sled and is now standing by my snowman tree with some greenery and other decor on it. I love that you got yours for $5!! The painting on it is sooo cute.

Your decor is wonderful.


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