is my dryer toast?

phylhlJuly 29, 2013

Dryer just stopped tumbling the clothes. It seems to turn on, and some heat is emitting, but it does not tumble. Is the motor gone? should i call a repairman or just replace it?

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There is a laundry forum, and most likely the laundry experts hang out there, click the link at the bottom of my message to see it.

You should list the make and model number and the age.

Some of the old dryers used a belt to tumble and said belt could have broken, but without any data that's a "Wild Guess" , at best!


Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry forum

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99% probability a simple broken belt, and maybe a worn idler pulley. Surely, buying a new dryer isn't necessary. Would you buy a new car because of a broken belt? Citing the brand and model number is hugely helpful when asking appliance questions.

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