Is tile on bathroom floor slippery?

myrtle_59August 12, 2012

I want to avoid a slippery situation on all accounts. Words of wisom please.

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Glossy tile can be slippery when wet, so you would need to be careful. But you can get matte finish tile that is less slippery. Every tile is rated with a co-efficient of friction, so if you look at the recommended numbers you can be assured you're getting something you don't need to worry about too much. I don't know the number offhand, but you can google it, or maybe someone else can tell you.

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Yes. Tile is slippery when wet. Small tile with lots of grout lines helps with traction, thus the reason that's what they use when tiling the bottom of showers. Unpolished tile with some texture will help - but if you want to avoid a slippery situation completely - I don't think you want tile. I'll be interested to hear what others think...

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Get tile with a coefficient of friction >.6.

My test is to get a sample tile, put it in the shower and stand on it -- carefully. If it feels slippery underfoot, don't use it on the floor. I have Ilva Pietre Travertine on my bathroom floor, and it passes the test. Definitely not slippery when wet.

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Wow. Glad you asked the question myrtle and that kmcg and suero responded. I just found out the tile I was going to put in my bathroom had a *dry* COF of only >0.57 and wet of >0.22. So, looks like I'll be selecting some new tile. Really disappointed but so glad to know now rather than later. I was going to use that throughout the house except bedrooms with carpet. Off to pick new tile....

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I have Daltile Navelli floor tile in my main/guest bathroom. The site states the wet COF is .6 and dry COF is .75. I do not find it slippery dry at all. And I haven't noticed slipperiness when wet either. I intend to put this tile in my master bathroom as well. I currently have vinyl floor tiles in my kitchen and they regularly get water (and dog drool) on them. I do find them slippery and have on occasion nearly fallen due to wet vinyl. I have natural stone tile (honed ostrich gray slate/quartzite) in my entry and laundry room and powder room. I haven't noticed a slipping issue in there either.

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Thanks all, this is very helpful. I had no idea about the numbers.

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My last bathroom I used a smooth small tile with lots of grout lines and it was fine, in this bathroom I used an 18" with a heavy texture to it for safety and I HATE it, every drop of dirt gets stuck/ ground into the surface and I have to scrub it all the time - I mean scrub not just mop, when I have a lot of guest it looks terrible, and it's grey to start with!

Whatever you decide make sure that your floors are safe, they really do get *very* slippery when wet


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