Refinish a clawfoot tub? Need advice quickly!

mrspeteAugust 25, 2012

Today I found a wonderful claw foot tub in an antique store. It had been $400 but is marked down to $200 and I have a coupon that'll take it down to $170. It's a great tub: Deep, nice slope to the back, cast iron. Great character.

But it needs refinishing. The porcelin is scratched, and it has one point on the rim with a palm-sized spot where the iron shows through. It has small 1970s fixtures attached, but that's changeable.

Is this a great find that I should jump on . . . or should I buy something new? I'm tempted to buy it, even if I end up putting it outside as a giant flower pot!

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If you want to use it as is, then fine, buy it. But it will not be able to be refinished. "Refinishing" is painting it, and it doesn't hold up. Only reporcelainizing works to be a long term solution, and no one in the US does that any more.

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Resurfacing is temporary but not the worst -- it salvages a tub & makes it quite usable. If you want to do it, have it delivered straight to the "refinisher." In the future someone can come to your home to re-do it as only the inside will need refreshing. But as GreenDesigns says, the update won't be longterm or porcelain.

I have a claw foot tub, original to the house, but I don't recommend them. Here's why:

1) They are horrible to clean under and around. Quickly you discover why tubs evolved into smooth creatures.

2) You may not get the fantasy soak you seek if the overflow drain is low. Codes get in the way of circumventing drain placement or lack thereof.

3) Cast iron tubs make heavy immovable flowerpots. (I do know folks who've rigged them out back for garden soaks, great ice breaker at parties!)

On the up side, these old cast iron tubs retain heat in your bathwater wonderfully.

And you can't have too much fun in a garden.

I'll be curious to hear what you decide to do.

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