Warranty cover dents?

gardeningmom2fiveJuly 21, 2014

I bought a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator at Lowes with the extended warranty back in March (14'). One of the kids managed to dent it already :( I've googled for the last hour and can't find an answer...but was wondering if there is a chance it would be covered??

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No. Manufacturers will only pay for their screw-ups, not yours, and that is cosmetic damage anyway. The one exception is if the damage was there when you took it out of the box, in which case it would have had to be reported immediately. Usually the warranty terms for appliances are outlined pretty clearly on the last page of the owners manual.

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Bummer :( I thought I had read something about wear and tear and had my hopes slightly up for a minute. Thanks for the quick reply tho!

Has anyone successfully repaired a dent on their own? Like the heat and ice trick?

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I repaired a dent on my car once by using a toilet plunger! It might be worth a try. Get the surface wet, push the plunger down over the dented area, then pull up -- the suction will pull out some dents.

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The manufacturer certainly won't cover it but there is a small chance your extended warranty will. I vaguely remember years ago that some place (maybe Sears?) was trying to push an extended warranty that might have covered cosmetic issues. You may as well call Loewe's - nothing to lose.

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^Definitely do that - I missed the "extended warranty" part. Sorry about that!

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I don't think any warranty would cover dammage.

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