iPhone tethering question

cheerful1_gwApril 10, 2013

We're going to buy our first laptop soon.

We don't have internet access, but we each have a data plan on our iPhone 4.

I'm told you can tether your iPhone to a laptop so you can have internet access. Has anyone ever done this?

With our current Verizon plan, it would cost an extra $20 per month to tether. The other option is to go to the share everything plan.

Is the internet speed from tethering a lot slower than having regular internet access from the cable company?

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There's an app for that. ;-)

The iPhone 4 has 3G cellular which will typically be slower than a DSL/cable connection. Understand too that most cell carriers limit data to about 4 gigabytes, which isn't a lot, especially for a "regular" computer.

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If you have a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan, you might be better off with that for awhile. Or, you might find one of the smaller carriers offering more aggresive pricing with a Mifi device.

Your speed at the PC will be the same as on your phone, the link between the two is WiFi, much faster than the 3g speed. You won't likely have enough allowance to use it for movies or Netflix.
Mike, note that a good 3g connection can be faster than entry level dsl, for instance. Also, Android phones have built in tethering, no app needed

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If you have caps on your data plan, you're going to burn through a fair amount of data each month just keeping up with Windows Updates-updates to anti-virus & anti-malware and so on. You may get hit with overage charges and your speed may be throttled if you exceed the caps. Your own internet service (if available) might be cheaper than paying your wireless provider...and more reliable.

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I have T Mobile.
I get 500mb of supposed 4g, then it goes down to 2g speed.
The '4G' is great.
If yoo travel where they do not have service, as I do, then it is frustrating. I do not have any Internet access when I am in Montana.

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