Small oven results from my 48' BS

stooxieJuly 5, 2012

Hey folks,

My wife cooked these two very large challas in the oven on our 48" RNB the other day and had to ask her: "Which oven did you cook these in??" She said, "the small one, why?" Even I would have assumed the bigger oven with convection. Both of them completely even.

(You can see where we missed with the egg wash. Oops!)

Just posting for kicks, don't care who's got what brand. This was a topic of conversation a few days ago. Just showing that a smaller oven can produce good results.

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I should add that these were both baked at the same time, one on the bottom rack and one on the top rack.


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Scrumptious looking! Glad your family is enjoying good eats and a tip of the hat to your wife for a nice job! Thanks for posting this too, as it helps us see results.

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I'll be over shortly with a stick of butter ;-)

My Bluestar is supposedly going to be here in a week to 10 days and I'm getting excited!

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Hey stooxie, glad to see you back. I havnt seen a post from you in a while. Excellent looking challa as well.

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